DVD review | Fun Size - Victoria Justice's teen has bags of trouble when her kid brother goes missing


Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice (Zoey 101, Victorious) plays a high-school student who loses her kid brother on Halloween and spends a madcap night trying to retrieve him in light-hearted but mildly raunchy teen comedy Fun Size. Saddled with looking after her brother Albert while her widowed mother (Chelsea Handler) goes to a party with her 26-year-old toy-boy lover, Justice's Wren promptly loses him while out trick-or-treating. She ropes in three friends to help track him down but their mission runs into one disaster after another while Albert, who's stopped speaking since his dad died, enjoys a series of risqué adventures of his own. Justice makes a likeable lead but director Josh Schwartz's comic touch is distinctly leaden and a high proportion of the would-be funny scenes - some of them involving an uncredited Johnny Knoxville - fall flat.

Released on Blu-ray & DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment on Monday 18th March.


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