Film review | This Is the End - The Apocalypse is a joke for Seth Rogen and his Hollywood chums

This Is The End -  James Franco; Danny McBride; Craig Robinson; Jay Baruchel; Seth Rogen;

Knocked Up star Seth Rogen and a bunch of his Hollywood cronies attempt to survive the Apocalypse in this rude and raucous stoner comedy  - co-written and co-directed by Rogen - that finds the cast playing cartoonishly exaggerated versions of themselves.

Rogen (every bit the pot-addled slacker he usually plays on screen) and his actor chums are hanging out at a riotous LA party hosted by James Franco (vain and pretentious) when the end of the world strikes, immediately killing off scores of familiar faces.

Michael Cera, Emma Watson and Channing Tatum are among the celebrities gamely sending themselves up in eye-popping cameos, but the joke wears thin as the handful of survivors barricaded inside Franco’s mansion squabble and fall out.

Things perk up when they emerge to face the CGI terrors lurking outside, but if your tolerance for druggy banter and puerile sex gags is low then the idea of facing Armageddon with Rogen and his chums will probably strike you as hell.

On general release.


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