callum logan David’s gutted when Max warms to Calum
Monday 7:30pm,

Callum calls at No 8 with some trendy clothes for Max but David throws them back in his face.

gavin rodwell Gavin is back!
Monday 8:30pm,

A gobsmacked Steph stammers that she’s Andy’s girlfriend and when she spots some of Andy’s Bistro payslips bearing Gavin’s name she stashes them in her pocket.

gavin rodwell Gavin wants money for his slience
Wednesday 8:30pm,

Steph and Andy panic when Gavin produces a Bistro payslip plus the letter Michael wrote him. Gavin’s incredulous that Andy’s used his name to get a job and ingratiate himself with Michael.

David feels pushed out by Max and Callum
Friday 7:30pm,

Gail’s heart goes out to David as Callum collects an excited Max from No 8. Returning home from a fun trip to the fair, David seethes as Max kisses Callum goodnight.

coronation street Do the police believe Andy was mugged?
Friday 8:30pm,

Steph acts shocked when Andy enters the Bistro and announces he’s been robbed of the takings. As Michael fusses round him, the police quiz Andy and assure Nick they will investigate.