Carla Connor Will Carla end it all?
Monday 7:30pm,

Robert tells Tracy to tell Carla the truth about the fire - he can’t bear to watch her torture herself any longer.

Carla Connor Tracy admits the terrible truth
Monday 8:30pm,

As Carla takes a step towards the edge of the quarry, Tracy yells at her to stop, finally confessing that she was responsible for the fire.

Tracy Barlow Tracy is arrested!
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Tracy wonders if Carla has gone to the police and tells a shocked Robert how Carla was about to commit suicide until she admitted that she caused the fire.

Tracy Barlow Will Tracy confess at the police station?
Thursday 8:00pm,

As Tracy’s bundled out of the pub it becomes clear that Nick called the police.

Andrea Beckett Is Andrea pregnant?
Friday 7:30pm,

When Eileen confirms that Andrea’s moved out of No 11, Lloyd tries to look relieved.

Callum Logan Callum will drop custody claim on one condition
Friday 8:30pm,

Gemma reveals that a dangerous thug called Denton is after Callum for money. Max nags Callum to take him home and Callum snaps at him, leading Max to reveal he no longer wants him as a dad.