Callum Logan Can Callum tempt Kylie back?
Monday 7:30pm,

Gemma lures Kylie round to Callum’s flat, while an oblivious David is worried she’s going to miss her therapy session.

Leanne Battersby Simon lashes out at Leanne!
Monday 8:30pm,

Leanne has little choice but to agree to Dan’s request to keep quiet.

Bev Bev has devastating news about Deirdre
Wednesday 7:30pm,

At No 1 Ken, Audrey and Tracy prepare for Deirdre’s surprise party when they’re interrupted by a knock at the door.

Bethany Platt Bethany blackmails Callum
Thursday 8:00pm,

Sarah admits that Callum has dumped her and she intends to move back to Italy.

Kylie Platt Is Kylie in danger?
Friday 7:30pm,

Kylie tells David her plan to show Sarah Callum’s true colours. After staging a huge row with David for his benefit, Kylie convinces Callum she still loves him.

Nick Tilsley Nick begs Carla to stop gambling
Friday 8:30pm,

The poker game takes a serious turn but when Nick begs Carla to quit as she’s losing a fortune, she refuses.