Sarah Platt Max Platt produces a gun! (VIDEO)
Monday 7:30pm,

When Max spends the day at Callum’s flat, Sarah agrees to look after him while Callum goes out on business. But when Gemma turns up at the flat badly beaten, Sarah sends Max to his room.

Callum Logan Callum blackmails Sarah into silence
Monday 8:30pm,

Sarah stares in disbelief as Callum gently prises the gun off Max.

Nick Tisley Nick witnesses Carla's out-of-control gambling (VIDEO)
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Carla is devastated to discover Roy knows the truth about her trip abroad and desperate to escape she hurries off to town.

Sally Webster Sally and Kevin kiss! (VIDEO)
Friday 7:30pm,

Sally tells Kevin that she wants to buy the factory and wonders if he’d be interested in investing too. But when Carla catches Sally snooping around her accounts, she fires her on the spot.

Kevin Webster Tim asks Kevin to be his best man
Friday 8:30pm,

Having agreed to keep their near kiss between them, Sally and Kevin try to forget about it, but Sally is consumed by guilt when Tim returns from Wales a day early and tells her how much he loves h