Fiz Brown Hope has cancer!
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Leaving Hope at Mary’s face-painting class at the community centre, Tyrone heads to the hospital to meet Fiz. Once there, the consultant breaks the news that Hope has cancer.

Fiz Brown Fiz cracks and lashes out at Tyrone
Thursday 8:00pm,

Fiz and Tyrone are in shock as the consultant explains that Hope will need a biopsy to ascertain the stage of the cancer.

Leanne Battersby Leanne's left unconscious after Simon's attack!
Friday 7:30pm,

Having found out Simon’s been in a fight at school, Leanne marches him home and after running him a bath she orders him to wash the dishes.

Simon Barlow Has Simon finally pushed Leanne too far?
Friday 8:30pm,

As Leanne is lifted into an ambulance, Zeedan goes with her to the hospital while Simon watches on, realising he’s the cause of her injuries.