Will Jim win Steve over?
Monday 7:30pm,

Peter returns to prison where Jim tells him to watch his back, because of his antics he can no longer supply alcohol and he's made a lot of enemies.

Neil calls the police on Lloyd
Monday 8:30pm,

When Lloyd spots the wine glasses and candles laid out he realises Neil was trying to dupe Andrea into coming round by pretending he might take his own life.

Has Jim trashed Peter's cell?
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Jim makes it clear to Peter he doesn't want Steve to find out he supplied the booze that almost killed him.

Michael learns a shocking truth about his father
Friday 7:30pm,

Michael is upset to learn his father died some years ago and arranges to meet an aunt to find out more.

Jim confronts Peter in his cell
Friday 8:30pm,

Tracy begs Steve to keep quiet about Jim's alcohol racket, worried Peter will pay the price, but Steve vows to confront his dad.