Sarah Platt David's anxiety ramps up when Sarah returns
Monday 7:30pm,

An upbeat Sarah returns from Italy, but David accuses her of putting on an act and tests her by suggesting she goes into the annexe. Her facade crumbling, Sarah flees.

Sarah Platt Tim runs over Sarah!
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Aidan’s bowled over when Sarah arrives for their date, but when he realises Sarah’s horribly drunk he calls an abrupt end to the evening.

Sarah Platt Sarah is terrified at the thought of a baby
Friday 7:30pm,

Sarah asks the nurse not to tell anyone about her pregnancy as Audrey, Gail and Bethany discuss how Sarah was rowing with David before she tripped.

Nick Tisley Nick and Carla get engaged!
Friday 8:30pm,

In front of both families Nick produces an engagement ring and getting down on one knee, places it on Carla’s finger.