Billy Mayhew Billy is outed in the Gazette
Monday 7:30pm,

Billy angrily shows Sean the Gazette article about their run in with the pub landlord. Sean's mortified and explains how Julie contacted the paper.

Mary Taylor Will Mary lose her motorhome?
Monday 8:30pm,

A council officer reveals that one of the neighbours has made a complaint about Mary's motorhome. Convinced that Julie's never liked her, Mary accuses her of reporting her to the council.

Callum Logan Callum discovers David’s done a runner
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Gail and Michael return home to discover Erica's pregnant, Sarah's started a relationship with Callum and David has done a runner with the kids.

Max Turner Max goes missing
Friday 7:30pm,

Sarah lies to Callum, telling him David has gone to visit his Dad in Liverpool and gives him a false address.

David Platt Desperate David searches for Max
Friday 8:30pm,

A distraught David frantically searches the city centre for Max as a raging Callum, now threatening to fight for full custody of his son, arrives in Liverpool.