Tracy Barlow Tracy shatters Liz's world
Monday 9:00pm,

The Rovers is a hive of activity as the final preparations are made for Steve and Michelle’s wedding. But Tracy is watching from No 1 and she’s hell bent on revenge.

Steve McDonald Will Steve and Michelle get hitched?
Tuesday 9:00pm,

As Tracy vows to destroy the lives of those she feels have wronged her, Steve waits nervously at the registry office for Michelle to arrive.

Carla Connor Will Carla survive Tracy’s revenge?
Wednesday 9:00pm,

As Tracy sneaks out of the flat, Carla’s life hangs in the balance as the fire takes hold.

Maddie heath Can Maddie stop Jenny abducting Jack?
Thursday 9:00pm,

Having spotted Jack’s clothes in Jenny’s holdall, a horrified Maddie realises that Jenny is planning to do a runner with Jack.

Tracy Barlow Tracy's petrified as fire investigators arrive
Friday 9:00pm,

As the residents come to terms with what’s happened, the fire investigators look around the Victoria Court flats and Simon questions Ken and Tracy about the blaze, wondering what could have caused