Carla Connor It's tense at the wedding fayre
Monday 7:30pm,

As Michelle and Carla arrive for the wedding fayre, they’re annoyed to see Tracy and Robert there with a stand for the florists.

Carla Connor Carla admits to Tracy she slept with Robert
Monday 8:30pm,

Desperate for her painkillers, Carla finally admits she had a one-night stand with Robert, but it meant nothing.

Chesney Brown Chesney's unhappy about his model girlfriend
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Sinead enjoys modelling the new underwear range, but while the O’Driscolls are impressed, Chesney remains uneasy.

Pat Phelan Anna attacks Phelan!
Friday 7:30pm,

Phelan explains to a horrified Anna that Jason’s given him some work so he’ll be sticking around. Anna finally flips before Gary or Izzy can stop her and sets about smashing up Phelan’s van.

Kevin Webster Is it over between Kevin and Anna?
Friday 8:30pm,

Appalled by Anna’s behaviour, Kevin orders Gary to take her home. Meanwhile, Jason leads Phelan back to No 11 where Eileen insists he stays for dinner.