Gail Platt Gail meets the real Gavin
Monday 7:30pm,

Audrey helps jittery Gail prepare for her wedding as Steph and Leanne make preparations for the reception. Meanwhile, Andy’s a bag of nerves, feeling guilty about the fake mugging.

Leanne Battersby Leanne and Simon move in with Kal
Monday 8:30pm,

With no electricity in her flat, Kal insists Leanne and Simon must stay at No 6 with him, but Zeedan makes it clear they’re not welcome.

Katy Armstrong Will Katy trade Weatherfield for Portugal?
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Linda asks Izzy and Katy to Portugal with her. The girls are touched, but decline her offer.

Gail Platt Tragedy strikes after Gail pays off Gavin
Friday 7:30pm,

Gail and Andy hand Gavin the £2,500 and after telling him to stay away from Michael, Andy reminds him to get his heart checked out.

Chesney Brown Chesney clashes with 'selfish' Katy
Friday 8:30pm,

Chesney barges his way into Faye’s party and confronts Katy, telling her there’s no way she’s taking Joseph abroad.