Carla realises Peter didn't kill Tina!
Monday 7:30pm,

Rob spends his stag night with Carla where she quizzes him about the night of Tina's murder. Irritated, Rob claims he and Tracy left their engagement party, returned home and had sex on the sofa.

Rob confesses to Carla he's a murderer!
Monday 8:30pm,

Carla reveals to Rob that she knows he's lying and reckons he's covering up for Tracy, the real murderer. As Carla reaches for her phone, intent on calling the police, Rob stops her.

Rob panics when Carla's a no-show
Wednesday 7:30pm,

His nerves in shreds, Rob irons his wedding shirt, wondering whether Carla will call the police. Still conflicted, Carla tells Rob she needs to get ready for the wedding.

Carla agonises over blowing apart the wedding
Friday 7:30pm,

As Tracy and Amy pose for photos outside the wedding venue, Rob tries to read Carla.

Tracy's world is about to be destroyed
Friday 8:30pm,

Tracy, Amy and Michelle continue to pose for photos outside the wedding venue, as Rob worries about his future and keeps trying to predict what Carla is planning to do.