Michael Rodwell Michael discovers Andy’s betrayal!
Monday 7:30pm,

Gail’s shaken when Susan phones, revealing she’s sent Michael a photo album documenting Gavin’s life. When Michael returns to No 8 clutching the parcel, Gail and Andy are beside themselves.

Gail Platt Michael realises the depth of Gail’s deception
Monday 8:30pm,

Michael reels as Andy reveals his real name and Gail admits that she was in on the deception, but feared the truth would give Michael a heart attack.

Kevin Webster Will Kevin believe Sophie or Jenny?
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Sophie’s suspicions about Jenny reignite but when she confronts Jenny in front of Kevin, Kevin asks her to drop it.

Nick Tisley Steph and Andy anxiously face Nick
Friday 7:30pm,

Steph and Andy dread Nick’s next move, fearing he will sack them or report them for fraud. Or both!

Todd Grimshaw Eileen realises the full extent of Todd's nastiness
Friday 8:30pm,

Eileen squirms as Todd gleefully urges Adrian to tell Eileen about a hotel he’s booked for them.