Can Gail persuade Michael to see the doctor?
Monday 7:30pm,

Michael tries to back out of going to see the doctor, but Gail offers to accompany him. However, when he disappears before the appointment a frantic Gail worries that he's had a heart attack.

Peter begs Ken and Deirdre to keep quiet
Monday 8:30pm,

Ken and Deirdre are about to report Peter's absence when he arrives in the visiting room trying to mask his agony.

Jim attempts to blackmail Liz
Wednesday 7:30pm,

As Peter surveys his bruises he's rattled when Jim warns him they still have unfinished business.

Andrea tries to talk Neil down off the Rover's roof!
Friday 7:30pm,

When Neil overhears Lloyd talking to Michelle about her wedding planning business he's shattered, thinking Lloyd is talking about marrying Andrea.

Can Neil or Lloyd save Andrea from falling?
Friday 8:30pm,

As Andrea hangs from the side of the Rovers, Neil reaches out to her.