Ricky Sharpe Ricky visits Brax in prison
Monday 6:00pm,

After kissing Ash, Denny seeks Ricky's advice but doesn't get the sympathetic ear she hoped for. Kyle reveals that Brax asked Ash to stay away from Denny, which makes Ricky even angrier.

Callum Logan David forces Andy to frame Callum
Monday 7:30pm,

David borrows Nick’s car and after pulling up outside a seedy pub, he orders Andy to go in and buy some drugs.

Callum Logan Callum kidnaps David!
Monday 8:30pm,

Callum’s stunned to find Andy in his car and frogmarches him into the pub, demanding answers.

Steph Britton Will Steph reveal Andy’s true identity?
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Trapped in the boot of Callum’s car, David shouts for help, as Andy explains to Nick and Gail how David tried to plant drugs on Callum.

Sinead Tinker Sinead takes her first steps!
Friday 7:30pm,

In the hospital, urged on by Sam, Sinead walks a few steps with the aid of crutches. Witnessing their bond Chesney feels a pang of jealousy.

Gail Platt Will Gail go through with the wedding?
Friday 8:30pm,

As the wedding service grinds to a halt, Michael is devastated so Gail decides to keep quiet and marry the man she loves.