What are Sally and Kevin up to?
Wednesday 7:30pm,

As it's Tim's birthday, Craig and Faye offer to do his window jobs for him so he can have an early start. But as they beaver away on Sally's windows, they spot Sally and Kevin acting strangely.

Callum pays Max a visit
Friday 7:30pm,

Katy takes Max to the cafe to give David a break, but while her back's turned Max runs out of the door. Outside Katy finds Max chatting to a stranger.

Steve has his first therapy session
Friday 8:30pm,

Sinead's convinced she'll never walk again and will end up being a burden to Chesney. But when Chesney arrives at the hospital with Agnes in tow, Sinead's lifted to see her great grandmother.

Callum tracks down Max and Katy
Monday 7:30pm,

With Callum sniffing around, David books an appointment with a solicitor to establish his legal rights over Max.

David warns Katy about Callum
Monday 8:30pm,

Having followed David and Max home, Katy demands to know what’s going on and why he has an irrational dislike of Callum. David explains that Callum was Kylie’s drug dealer.