Tyrone falls through the loft floor!
Monday 7:30pm,

Jason makes a start on Tyrone's loft conversion. Tyrone's impressed, but as he admires Jason's work he suddenly falls through the boarding into the bedroom below, where he lies unconscious!

Who's to blame for Tyrone's terrible fall?
Monday 8:30pm,

As Tyrone lies trapped under fallen debris he regains consciousness and calls for help.

Steve's torn over Peter's revelation
Wednesday 7:30pm,

Steve visits Peter in prison – under pressure Peter admits that Jim put him up to it as he really wants to see Steve and Liz to put things right.

Liz doesn't believe Jim has changed
Friday 7:30pm,

As Liz nervously prepares for her meeting with Jim, Peter begs for more alcohol, but Jim says he can have his reward once Liz and Steve have visited.

Peter drinks Jim's entire stash
Friday 8:30pm,

With Jim refusing to give Peter any more alcohol a desperate Peter tracks down Jim's illegal stash and drinks the lot and Jim finds him on the floor barely conscious.