Ayesha Lee Has Ayesha met her match?
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Ayesha goes on a blind date and meets Dylan, who explains that he suffers from extreme déjà vu. She appreciates that, but she came for a date, not to see a patient.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe's unimpressed by Heston's vlog
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Mrs Tembe watches Heston's vlog but falls asleep as Heston drones on. The camera tilts down, revealing that below the waist, Heston is dressed only in boxer shorts!

Howard Bellamy Howard and Daisy search Rob's house
Thursday 1:45pm,

Supt. Noakes tells Howard and Daisy to do a search on Rob's house, so Rob hastily hides Andy upstairs. Howard and Daisy leave and Karen goes to get Andy out the garage but Rob stops her.

Rob Hollins Andy and Rob are being watched
Friday 1:45pm,

Andy and Rob put their heads together – how are they going to get the bag if they're being watched? Andy has a suggestion – Karen can do it.