Niamh Donoghue Sean thinks Niamh has an admirer
Monday 1:45pm,

Niamh persuades Howard to let Sean paint the walls, but later embarrasses her brother by babbling on to Jimmi and Al about his sexuality.

Zara Carmichael Zara and Daniel unite against Jimmi
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Zara and Daniel are back on track, but when Zara tells Al that Joe is slightly behind in his development, Jimmi overhears and mocks a stunned Zara for always expecting perfection.

Jimmi Clay Jimmi continues to attack Zara
Wednesday 1:45pm,

At the partners meeting, Howard and Daniel praise Zara for her recent work around ethics, but Jimmi calls Zara a hypocrite and brings up her bullying of Sid.

Zara Carmichael Will Zara regret her past behaviour?
Thursday 1:45pm,

It’s the day of Howard’s Respect at Work meeting and he asks for examples of things that could be deemed lack of respect. As Jimmi provides examples that are clearly about Zara, the penny drops.

Emma Reid Emma’s romantic night goes awry
Friday 1:45pm,

Emma jumps on Howard at the hotel, but he falls off the bed and sprains his groin. Emma heads to the pharmacy for strong painkillers, but when she comes back Howard’s knocking back champagne.