Is Kevin in too deep with Poppy?
Monday 1:45pm,

At the Icon, Kevin and Poppy are having lunch together.

Will Catriona make a statement about her attack?
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Mandy persuades Catriona to go to the police about her attack and advises that she speak to Rob.

Can Mandy help Catriona fight her fears?
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Mandy goes to check on Catriona who's depressed, both about the assault and because the police were so unsympathetic.

Heston underestimates Catriona's plight
Thursday 1:45pm,

Catriona has an appointment with Heston but he seems irritated that she has come back to soon and Catriona fails to make him see how desperate she feels.

Zara reassesses her working practices
Friday 1:45pm,

Zara bumps into April, a former nanny who's cupcake business is booming. April confesses that she admires Zara's no nonsense approach and has modelled her management style on her.