Zara Carmichael Zara is accused of racism?
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Heston talks to Zara – it's important that doctors are accountable for any suggestions of impropriety such as sexism or racism.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe receives threatening phone calls
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Mrs Tembe gets a number of frightening phone calls at The Mill. Suddenly, Mrs Tembe hears someone singing and realises it's the man who has been harassing her.

Emma Reid Emma has a confession for Howard
Thursday 1:45pm,

Emma reveals she's going through the menopause and Howard wonders why she hadn't mentioned it before.

Niamh Donoghue Niamh realises the truth about Sean...
Friday 1:45pm,

After some help from Emma and Ayesha, Niamh finally realises Sean is gay. Sean then receives a call from their mother but he lies about where he is and dives out of the room.