Kevin investigates Honeywell surgery
Monday 1:45pm,

When Dora Harrington finds her son, Danny, dead she contacts her doctor, Stuart Houghton. Stuart prompts Dora to choose cremation and gives her details of Marvin Harris, the undertaker.

Has Kevin finally exposed Stuart?
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Kevin manages to coax Marv into revealing the full extent of his bone and tissue extraction operation, but suddenly stops when he notices he is missing a bone.

Kevin worries his career is over
Wednesday 1:45pm,

News of the bone harvesting scandal has broken and there are journalists at The Mill. Meanwhile, a man, Craig, is also there, acting suspiciously.

Is Mrs Tembe ready to forgive and forget?
Thursday 1:45pm,

It's Kevin's last day and Ayesha tries to make amends with Mrs Tembe as the gang are going go-karting. As the others race, Kevin reveals his concerns to Heston.

Al has a spooky supernatural encounter
Friday 1:45pm,

Al goes to stay in an old country hotel where he is met by Simmonds - the rather odd landlord. At the bar, he meets the Colonel, who chats about the local ruins of a Templar church.