Emma plays a trick on Howard
Monday 1:45pm,

Mrs Tembe discovers Howard has been reading a book entitled 'Better Management Techniques' as he feels responsible for people leaving recently.

Jimmi helps a man cope with his mother's death
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Tommy is at home pretending that his mother, Elspeth, hasn't died. Jimmi arrives at the house and, finding the door unlocked, he ventures inside to find Elspeth's dead body.

Does a woman have stigmata wounds?
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Social worker Ros brings a young woman, Teresa, to the Campus Surgery, whose hands are streaked with blood.

Kevin investigates the dodgy death certificates
Thursday 1:45pm,

Heston reveals to Kevin that he has found several errors on death certificates by the same undertaker, Marvin Harris, and asks Kevin to help obtain the evidence.

Can Ayesha and Mrs Tembe find common ground?
Friday 1:45pm,

Mrs Tembe accompanies Ayesha on her house calls and is determined to teach her about 'efficiency and time management'. Their 'patient' is a recovering heroin addict, Darren, and his baby.