niamh donoghue Niamh helps the wife of a dying man
Monday 1:45pm,

Jon is dying of leukemia and, in his delirious state, he tells Niamh that he's been cheating on his wife, Sandra.

ayesha lee Ayesha meets a stranger with a secret
Tuesday 1:45pm,

There’s chemistry between Ayesha and Ray when she treats him for an infected tattoo and the pair hook up at The Icon.

Rob Hollins Has Rob arrested the wrong man?
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Two young men, Ricky and Max, stage a fight so that one of them, Max, gets arrested by PC Khan and taken into custody.

Karen Hollins Karen's day at the zoo ends in disaster
Friday 1:45pm,

Karen spends the day at zoo and ends up getting covered in giraffe poo. Rob films the whole day and takes great pleasure from seeing his wife in a complete mess!