guest star Peter Heston helps a boy with cerebral palsy
Monday 1:45pm,

Peter is a young boy with cerebral palsy and tells Heston there's a wolf living in next door's shed. When Peter and Heston break in, they discover a man chained to the wall.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha says goodbye to Sierra
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Ayesha's sad as she buys Sierra a suitcase to go to Aunty Tracy's. As Ayesha and Sierra make a cake, she hopes their last day together will be a happy one.

Jimmi Clay Jimmi has a proposition for Heather
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Al questions Jimmi on his date with Heather and is shocked to find he doesn't really know much about her.

Karen Hollins Karen suspects Rob’s colleague is a liar
Thursday 1:45pm,

PC Kyle tells Rob he chased after a suspect who fired a gun at him and ran off. Rob's impressed until he tells Karen the suspect is one of the Mill's patients, Ceri.

Heston Carter Heston uncovers a politician’s lies
Friday 1:45pm,

Prospective MP David McKay and his wife Leanne are about to go on holiday when his former mistress, Mel shows him a pregnancy test - it's positive.