Zara Carmichael Will Zara go back to work?
Monday 1:45pm,

Zara's not adjusting well to staying at home. Howard visits with some paperwork and winds her up when he suggests she hasn't found a replacement yet.

Niamh Donoghue Niamh counsels Emma
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Emma tells Niamh and Ayesha that Howard is the father of her baby and anguishes over her situation - how could she be so stupid? Niamh counsels Emma but insists she must tell Howard.

Heston Carter Heston helps an elderly widow
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Heston gets a reminder that appearances can be deceptive when an elderly vagrant gets into his car.

Howard Bellamy Emma drops a bombshell on Howard!
Thursday 1:45pm,

Howard's secretly happy at the chance to be a father again and has to hide his horror when Emma suggests a termination as an option.

Howard Bellamy Will Howard take another swing at fatherhood?
Friday 1:45pm,

On the golf course, Howard tells Daniel that Emma's pregnant and Daniel reminds him he should play a part in Emma's decision.