Mrs Tembe Will Hutch attack Mrs Tembe?
Monday 1:45pm,

Mrs Tembe steps up her campaign against Hutch, the rogue trader, printing off a load of flyers and posting them through doors. Lenny asks what's up and Mrs Tembe tells him about Hutch.

Rob Hollins Rob’s worried about Mrs Tembe
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Rob goes to see Mrs Tembe in hospital and she tells him that she has given Hutch's photograph to the local newspaper – she wants him brought to justice!

Valerie Pitman Valerie struggles to cope
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Valerie and Karen pay Mrs Tembe a visit to find her looking good as new with her bags packed and shoes on waiting to leave.

Ruhma Ruhma gives Heston mixed signals
Thursday 1:45pm,

All set for dinner, Heston tells Ruhma he loves chillies but with a face full of sweat it's quite hard to believe.

Valerie Pitman Valerie breaks down...
Friday 1:45pm,

Valerie decides to dress up as Marilyn Monroe for the photo shoot and gives a performance of 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend'.