Ayesha Lee Will Ayesha report Hayden?
Monday 1:45pm,

Ayesha tries to warn Sid off Hayden but he tells her to back off! Later, Ayesha confronts Hayden but he fronts it out – who'd believe her?

Rob Hollins Rob has a confession to make...
Tuesday 1:45pm,

DCI Driver adopts Scarlet, and Karen’s surprised when she asks Rob to be the godfather. Rob admits that he and Driver got very close during Treehouse, but that nothing happened.

Ayesha Lee Is Ayesha's career in jeopardy?
Wednesday 1:45pm,

At the police station, Ayesha is uncomfortable talking to Rob about Hayden's drug taking. Meanwhile, Howard asks Mrs Tembe to get together any paperwork connected to a complaint about Ayesha.

Howard Bellamy Howard takes Emma to her first scan
Thursday 1:45pm,

Emma is nervous about the scan, but Howard is there to support her. At St Phil's, Emma bumps into an old colleague, Ruhma, a midwife and introduces her to Howard.

Emma Reid Emma and Howard kiss!
Friday 1:45pm,

At the coffee shop, Emma and Howard have a terrible date – in fact Emma even falls asleep.