Heston prepares for the worst
Monday 1:45pm,

Heston is at the Memory Clinic for his tests where he encounters a woman who is suffering from dementia.

Can Jimmi push Niamh and Al together?
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Niamh tells Al that Oliver has been coming on a bit strong but Al doesn't take the hint leaving Niamh feeling deflated.

Niamh sees a different side to Al
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Al is attending a Graphic Novel conference.

Kevin tries to help Heston accept his diagnosis
Thursday 1:45pm,

Dr Lacey tells Heston the tests show no sign of dementia and suggests depression. When he later tells Kevin what Dr Lacey said, Kevin says depression makes sense, but Heston snaps at him.

Can Rob stop a woman intent on revenge?
Friday 1:45pm,

Rob goes to the home of a magistrate and finds a woman standing over her holding a cup of 'acid'.  Rob recognises the woman, Julie, who blames Caroline for letting her daughter's boyfriend out on