Zara Carmichael Zara takes Joe to Dr Burnett
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Zara visits Dr Burnett and he refers Joe to audiologist and ophthalmologist. She's clearly happy someone is taking her seriously and makes another appointment.

Sid Does Sid want a new mentor?
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Zara speaks to Sid, after hearing that a patient called him an idiot. When Sid admits the patient was slightly right, Zara isn’t surprised.

Zara Carmichael Does Zara fancy Michael?
Thursday 1:45pm,

Zara bumps into Michael in the park while walking with Joe. He's with his daughter, Mabel and its clear there's a connection between Zara and Michael.

Jimmi Clay Will Jimmi attack his father?
Friday 1:45pm,

Alun is struggling with debts and hits the bottle. He's convinced that he's seeing his son, Jimmi – but he and Jimmi are estranged and haven't seen each other in years.