Rob Hollins Karen and Rob's move goes awry
Monday 1:45pm,

It's moving day for Karen and Rob but when they arrive at the new house, the lady currently occupying the building doesn't realise she's supposed to be leaving today.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha strikes a pose
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Model Jade is carried into the campus surgery by Santes, her photographer, who asks Ayesha to take part in the shoot.

Daniel Daniel punches Michael!
Wednesday 1:45pm,

When Daniel finds out that Zara has taken Joe to an appointment that he withdrew his consent from, he's seething and ends up punching Michael.

Sid Sid plays matchmaker
Thursday 1:45pm,

As Margie walks down an escalator, she feels a connection with a man going the other way. But before she can do anything, she collides with Sid.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha goes on a date with Sid
Friday 1:45pm,

Ayesha and Sid's date goes well and Ayesha suggests a night cap back at Sid's but he insists they take things slowly.