Ayesha and Sierra move out
Monday 1:45pm,

Ayesha finds Bren unconscious next to some empty cans of cider. While she's unloading shopping from the car, Ayesha hears Sierra scream. She rushes back inside to find Bren hugging Sierra hard.

Al has a homebrew disaster
Tuesday 1:45pm,

Al is making homebrew but finds that something has gone wrong and Howard suggests that he speaks to an expert, Barry.

Emma investigates patient Jeanie's death...
Wednesday 1:45pm,

DS Cunningham is investigating the death of Emma's patient, Jeanie. In a flashback, Jeanie tells Emma she's new to the area and has been having headaches.

Rob proposes... again!
Thursday 1:45pm,

While Christmas shopping, Karen tells Rob she has some memories coming back but she'd like to remember more about when she was dating Rob and about their wedding day.

Has Ayesha finally given up on Bren?
Friday 1:45pm,

Ayesha finds Bren at home and persuades her to come to the panel meeting otherwise they will take Sierra into care.