Karen and Rob have unwanted guests
Monday 1:45pm,

Karen and Rob are door-stepped by a couple, Brendan and Judith, who they met while on their honeymoon.

Jimmi finds a missing child
Tuesday 1:45pm,

A small boy is found wandering alone in the middle of the night and Jimmi takes care of him while waiting for child services.

Daniel helps a single mother
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Heston bumps into an old colleague, Cath, as he prepares to speak out against a new housing development.

Niamh helps a warring couple
Thursday 1:45pm,

Scott and Madelyne are separated and Madelyne tells their son, Nathan, that she’s moving to Canada - and she wants him to come with her.

It's Valerie verses Heston!
Friday 1:45pm,

Valerie and Heston have their interview with Patrick Burns on 'Midlands Today' as candidates for the local elections.