Will Bianca lose her kids?
Friday 8:00pm,

Bianca is reeling about Mr Ackroyd's threat to call Social Services. Worried about the trouble they could be in, Liam encourages Tiff not to say anything about where the brownies came from.

Carol makes a shock discovery about Charlie Cotton
Monday 8:00pm,

Carol puts on a brave face ahead of her double mastectomy. The Butchers do their best to be supportive despite Bianca's money problems and the continued trouble over the hash brownies.

Shirley busts Dean and Aunt Babe
Tuesday 8:00pm,

*EastEnders is on BBC2 tonight, and at a slightly later time, due to the Commonwealth Games*

Will Aunt Babe reveal Shirley's secret?
Thursday 7:30pm,

*EastEnders is on BBC2 tonight due to the Commonwealth Games*