Are Kat's babies on the way?
Monday 8:00pm,

Kat suddenly gets pains and tells Alfie the babies might be on their way. Ever the opportunist, Alfie takes her into a children's shop, hoping that if her waters break they'll get some freebies!

Jean makes a shock suggestion to Stacey
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Kat and Alfie are suspicious of Jean's sudden visit to Walford, concerned when she claims she's left Ollie. Heading to prison to visit Stacey, Jean reveals why she's really back.

Mick's arrested for kerb crawling!
Thursday 7:30pm,

*Hour-long episode*

Kat gives birth to baby boys!
Friday 8:00pm,

Kat realises the babies are really on their way, as Stacey is led away by prison officers. Full of excitement and nerves, Alfie and Mo bring Tommy and Lily to the hospital.