Will Ben choose Abi over Paul?
Monday 8:00pm,

Ben is stunned by Abi's pregnancy bombshell. Torn over what to do, Ben implies to a furious Abi she should get rid of the baby.

Can Gavin win round Kathy?
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Kathy is terrified after finding Gavin in the house, warning him to leave or she'll call the police.

Bex has shock news about Martin!
Thursday 7:30pm,

Sonia is worried about how things are going with Tina, after ruining Tina's saucy surprise by bringing home an upset Martin.

Is Stacey ready to leave hospital?
Friday 8:00pm,

Stacey is about to have her hospital review when she gets a visit from Sonia, learning the shock news that Martin has been in a car crash.