Happy birthday Shabnam – you're sacked!
Monday 8:00pm,

Shabnam's birthday gets off to a miserable start as she finds out she's being made redundant from the Minute Mart.

How far will Max go?
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Max gets ready for Emma's funeral. Lauren and Abi don't know what to do for their dad, as it's obviously tearing him apart.

Dean's asking for trouble with Mick!
Thursday 7:30pm,

Linda and Mick worry that Dean won't be brought to justice. Determined to behave normally, they hold a karaoke night at The Vic.

Shabnam makes a shock confession!
Friday 8:00pm,

Shabnam's admission about the abandoned baby shocks Stacey to the core. Stacey insists that Shabnam tell her everything. As the truth comes flooding out, Stacey is floored by the full story.