Emma gets an explosive new lead
Monday 8:00pm,

Emma has a meeting with Bryant, who claims he has some new information.

A horrified Stacey dumps Dean
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Stacey encourages Linda to tell Mick the truth about the rape. Worried that it could destroy their relationship, Linda can't find the courage.

Jane has a shock proposal for Ian!
Wednesday 8:00pm,

Jane and Ian wake up after spending the night together. Despite Jane asking Ian to keep their renewed relationship a secret for now, Ian can't resist spilling the beans to Alfie.

Christmas carnage at the Carters!
Thursday 9:00pm,

It's Christmas Day at the Queen Vic and Mick slips out of the house to arrange a special surprise for the family.

Can Ronnie get rid of Nick?
Friday 8:00pm,

Ronnie and Charlie hand Nick the cash and ferry tickets, hoping to finally see him on his way.