dot cotton Dot comes home
Monday 8:00pm,

Charlie is on hand to welcome Dot back to the Square. Rattled by all the fuss as the family gather round, Dot sneaks out to the launderette for some peace.

Jane plans to say she killed Lucy!
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Jane wakes to find Ian and Bobby gone and runs to Sharon to tell her. When Phil overhears, Sharon lies that Ian and Bobby have left for the duration of the trial.

sharon mitchell Does Phil know Jane's secret?
Thursday 7:30pm,

Phil has hold of Jane, refusing to let her answer the door to Keeble. When Sharon then turns up and Jane doesn’t answer the door, Sharon is worried.

Phil finds out where Kathy's staying
Friday 8:00pm,

Phil gets a message from ‘K’ asking him to go to the park.