Ben Mitchell is back in the Square!
Monday 8:00pm,

Jay collects his things from Phil's, telling him he's disgusted by his affair with Shirley. Phil insists that it only happened once, persuading Jay to stay in Walford for the wedding.

What does Ben want from Phil?
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Phil is in shock over Ben's sudden appearance, struggling for the right words to say.

Sharon reaches out to Ben
Thursday 7:30pm,

Shirley is still stewing over Ben's appearance, but is given food for thought when Aunt Babe points out that her plan with Phil could fall apart if she continues to direct her fury at Ben.

Ronnie returns to have it out with Phil
Friday 8:00pm,

It's the day of the wedding and Phil feels frustrated when Ben confronts him, saying that he thinks Phil should be with Sharon after all.