Ian learns the awful truth about Lucy
Monday 8:00pm,

Ian is keen to make amends to the twins after Peter overheard him telling Lucy that she was his favourite child.

Ian breaks the news of Lucy's death
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Ian tries to take in what the police are telling him as they reveal that it seems Lucy was the victim of a random mugging.

Lauren comforts a distraught Peter
Thursday 7:30pm,

The investigation into Lucy's death begins in earnest, as the family still struggle with their loss. Dot pays the Beales a visit, but can't comfort a distraught Ian.

The Beales have a shock visitor
Friday 8:00pm,

Ian is insistent that Cindy needs to leave Walford. Opening the door to Cindy's Aunt Gina, Jane is shocked that Ian has arranged for her to pick Cindy up so soon.