Ronnie mitchell Ronnie gets close to Vincent
Monday 8:00pm,

Ronnie's heart races after a flirty visit from Vincent, prompting her to warn him to stay away from her.

Sonia Fowler, Martin Fowler Sonia kisses Martin!
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Sonia invites Martin to her joint birthday party with Tina, feeling bad for Bex who's upset by the trouble between them.

Kat Moon, Alfie Moon Will Alfie take back Kat?
Thursday 7:30pm,

Alfie struggles to tell Kat that she's not getting compensation from the court case about Harry.

Dot Branning Dot goes to court!
Friday 8:00pm,

It's the day of Dot's trial and the Brannings head to court to support her. The day starts off badly when Keeble and then a reluctant Stacey give evidence against Dot.