linda carter Linda is ready to face Dean
Monday 8:00pm,

Mick steels himself for Stan's funeral but when he finds Dean in a family photo he takes the scissors to it and cuts him out.

mick carter Mick bans Dean from the funeral
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Linda says she needs to speak to Dean alone, forcing a reluctant Shirley and Buster to leave the room.

dot branning Dot says a moving goodbye to Jim
Thursday 7:30pm,

Dot's arrival at Jim's funeral has thrown the Branning family, but they're all happy she decided to come along. Max steps up to do the eulogy for Jim, while Dot also adds her own words.

sylvie carter Sylvie threatens Aunt Babe with the police
Friday 8:00pm,

Sylvie is stunned following Babe's revelation that Stan has died. Trying to visit her family, Sylvie finds herself stopped by Babe. The sisters come to blows as Babe tries to manipulate her.