Jane makes a shock discovery on Lucy's phone
Monday 8:00pm,

Ian prepares a welcome home lunch for Peter, who is due back from New Zealand. When Peter phones to say he's missed his connecting flight, Ian goes ahead with the lunch anyway.

What is Sonia hiding?
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Carol is concerned when Pam asks if Sonia is back from her course, as she still hasn't transferred the charity calendar money.

Will Lauren say 'yes' to Peter?
Thursday 7:30pm,

Peter is forced to confess to Ian and Jane that he was selling drugs to Lucy. When Ian threatens to call the police, he and Peter argue.

Sonia collapses at the Fat Blasters party!
Friday 8:00pm,

Sonia prepares for the Fat Blasters Christmas Party, which she's invited Martin to. Feeling increasingly unwell, Sonia lies to a worried Tina she's fine.