Charlie plans to propose!
Monday 8:00pm,

Ronnie apologises to Charlie when Phil gets out of hospital and is rude about them being together.

Linda is trapped with Dean
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Linda is petrified when she's forced to sit next to Dean, after Mick's invitation to Dean and Stacey to come upstairs for cocktails.

Sonia rips into Charlie!
Thursday 7:30pm,

Charlie has a visit from Sonia's daughter Rebecca who reveals she's got an audition for a music academy.

Stacey and Dean kiss!
Friday 8:00pm,

Alfie and Kat head straight to the register office and tie the knot. Back in the Square, Alfie secretly arranges for a locksmith friend to break into No 43, claiming to Kat it's their new home.