Shabnam struggles to move on
Monday 8:00pm,

Shabnam returns to work, determined to get back to normal. Overhearing Stacey saying she might not go to her baby scan, Shabnam has a go at her.

Can Jane prevent Ian taking his own life?
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Jane panics when she wakes alone, realising Ian has disappeared. When she finds Ian's letter she rushes to Sharon's, revealing Ian has left a suicide note.

Shabnam has a shock for Kush
Thursday 7:30pm,

Shabnam and Kush try to move on by dismantling Zaair's cot. When Shabnam later sees Jade visiting the Carters, she has a shock announcement for Kush.

Paul is confused by Ben's mixed messages
Friday 8:00pm,

Jay's birthday celebrations at the Vic are tainted when he gets a call from Lola saying she's dumping him for Dexter.