vincent eastenders Vincent is arrested!
Monday 8:00pm,

Kim has a go at Donna when she sees her with Vincent, thinking they're on a date!

kim fox Kim learns disturbing news about Vincent
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Vincent is questioned over the disappearance of Dot's drug dealer in her court case. As soon as he's released on bail, he calls Ronnie and confronts her for reporting him.

shabnam masood The Masoods meet Kush's mum
Thursday 7:30pm,

Shabnam is relieved when Masood confesses that although he found her daughter, he had second thoughts about making contact.

ronnie mitchell Ronnie gets a rude welcome when she comes home
Friday 8:00pm,

Charlie is shocked by Vincent's claim that Ronnie is in love with him, heading to the hospital to confront her.