Pam pushes Les away
Monday 8:00pm,

Pam is in a bad way on the anniversary of their son's death. When Les tries to get through to her, Pam refuses to talk about it.

ben mitchell Are Ben and Kathy in danger?
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Ben gives Kathy money to save Phil, following Kathy when she heads to the park to meet with Gavin. Before Kathy can send Ben away, Gavin arrives.

Are Donna and Fatboy an item?
Thursday 7:30pm,

Donna is happy the morning after the night before to realise Fatboy hasn't done a runner.

Is Les about to lose everything?
Friday 8:00pm,

Donna confronts Les and Claudette, who insists they're not having an affair. Panicking, Les rushes out, followed by Claudette, who assures him everything will be OK.