Stacey comes home!
Monday 8:00pm,

Stacey is due to hear the decision on her appeal. Kat is delighted when Stacey is released, returning home to the Slaters'.

Does Bianca want Terry after all?
Tuesday 7:30pm,

Bianca confronts Terry after discovering he's planning on leaving the Square. Worried about TJ, Terry is too distracted to talk things through with her.

Is Charlie really a Cotton?
Thursday 7:30pm,

Carol meets up with Charlie after insisting that he does a DNA test. When Dot catches Carol holding her toothbrush to get her DNA, Carol is forced to explain.

Alfie considers desperate measures
Friday 8:00pm,

Alfie tries all sorts of ways to raise some money but nothing seems to be working. Feeling too ashamed to tell Kat the truth, Alfie lies that he got a loan from the bank.