Pollard bans Diane from Val's funeral
Monday 7:00pm,

Determined to help grieving Pollard, Diane goes round to see him, but all she finds is the house in a complete state.

Lawrence has a mystery visitor
Tuesday 7:00pm,

When a young man called Connor arrives in the village looking for directions to Home Farm, Kerry shows him the way.

Lawrence is accused of sexual assault!
Wednesday 7:00pm,

A badly bruised Connor returns to Home Farm claiming to have been beaten up because he’s gay. Feeling sorry for the young man, Lawrence cleans him up and hands him £300 after learning he’s skint.

Jimmy becomes a male escort!
Thursday 7:00pm,

Jimmy’s loving the idea of becoming a gigolo like Rodney, especially the bit about making £200 in just a few hours!

dan spencer Kerry sends Dan's stress levels sky rocketing
Friday 7:00pm,

As Dan prepares to make an important presentation, his beautician girlfriend Kerry and his daughter Amelia decide he needs to de-stress before his big moment.