Megan's arrested and vows to kill Charity!
Monday 7:00pm,

After failing to convince Declan that Charity had an abortion and pretended to have a miscarriage, Megan enlists the help of Jai to hack into Charity's bank account to find proof that she paid for

Pete's baby shock!
Tuesday 7:00pm,

Now that Charity's told Declan it was Debbie who had a termination, Pete's floored when Megan strides over to Debbie in the pub and confronts her about aborting his baby!

Aaron's sentenced and free to go!
Wednesday 7:00pm,

Aaron’s due in court to be sentenced, so Chas and Adam decide to visit him before the hearing. He tries to put a brave face on but it clear he's worried about what the day holds for him.

Horror for Charity as Noah is poisoned!
Thursday 7:00pm,

When Megan and Jai call in at Home Farm to take Noah to football, Charity kicks off and refuses to let her son go with them.

Aaron's in trouble with big brother!
Thursday 8:00pm,

When Ross confronts him about Finn, Aaron does his best to ignore him but it’s clear Ross is trying to get a rise out of him.

Rakesh reveals Jai's secret to Priya
Friday 7:00pm,

Priya and Alicia probe Leyla about who her mystery lover is, but she keeps her cards close to her chest.