ross barton Ross’s bitter bare-knuckle battle
Monday 7:00pm,

As Ross prepares to take on another bare-knuckle fight to clear his debt to gangster Charlie, Debbie is panicking.

sam dingle Sam makes a grim discovery about Rachel
Tuesday 7:00pm,

With Ruby due home tomorrow, Sam and Rachel make the most of their time alone together. But a picnic with the children soon turns sour when Archie has an accident and goes into hospital.

jai sharma Jai has Rachel where he wants her
Wednesday 7:00pm,

The last person Rachel wanted to hear about Archie’s trip to A&E was Jai. But though she tries to prevent Jai finding out, Lisa soon lets it slip.

vanessa woodfield Vanessa's DNA test reveals too much!
Thursday 7:00pm,

In a spin since Adam dropped the bombshell he may be the father of Vanessa’s baby, Moira is on a mission.

kirin kotecha Kirin learns the terrible truth
Friday 7:00pm,

Pregnant Vanessa’s world is about to implode. With Kirin at the door, the nurse in the middle of a DNA test and Adam in the house, she’s panicking big time!