carly hope Flooded Carly sinks even lower
Monday 7:00pm,

Oh dear. Carly’s shop’s been flooded and, surprise, surprise she hasn’t got any insurance!

bob hope Bob’s guilty gesture backfires
Tuesday 7:00pm,

When Brenda discovers the money she took out of Gennie’s memorial fund has gone missing she thinks it’s been stolen. And it has – by her own family.

robert sugden Aaron and Robert are caught kissing!
Wednesday 7:00pm,

When Paddy warns Aaron to keep away from Robert, his plan backfires drastically. Defiant, Aaron does the opposite and takes up Robert’s offer of a drink!

paddy kirk HELP! Will Paddy drown in grain?
Thursday 7:00pm,

*First episode*

robert sugden Will Robert let Paddy die?
Thursday 8:00pm,

*Second episode*

rakesh kotecha Kirin leaves home as the terrible truth emerges
Friday 7:00pm,

Knowing Rakesh has tried to pay her off, Vanessa confides in Carly. Encouraged to address her feelings for her ex, Vanessa seeks out Kirin and fills him in. The teen is furious.