Charity contacts the baby’s dad
Tuesday 7:00pm,

At the hospital, Charity makes an appearance escorted by a prison guard at her tiny son’s incubator. Debbie is furious with her mother, who seems totally unfazed by Moses’ condition.

sam dingle Sam’s dragged into the custody battle
Wednesday 7:00pm,

It’s time for Rachel and Jai's court hearing and Sam is in a spin about stressed-out Rachel’s mood.

jai sharma Jai and Leyla are caught kissing!
Thursday 7:00pm,

*First episode*

sam dingle Sam and Rachel cop an eyeful!
Thursday 8:00pm,

*Second episode*

pete barton Debbie's super awkward wedding chat
Friday 7:00pm,

It’s super awkward for Debbie when she and Pete meet up with the vicar to talk about their upcoming wedding.