alicia metcalfe Alicia is a broken woman
Monday 7:00pm,

It’s question time for Alica, who is grilled by the police following her allegation that Lachlan assaulted her at Farrers on her birthday.

georgia sharma Protective Leyla slaps Georgia!
Tuesday 7:00pm,

With Chrissie and Alicia having rowed in public, most people in the village now know something fishy went on at Farrers on Alicia’s birthday last week.

val pollard Val collapses and is rushed to hospital!
Wednesday 7:00pm,

At the B&B, Finn and Emma have to call an ambulance when they find Val on the floor barely breathing after a coughing fit.

eric pollard Pollard wills Val to pull through
Thursday 7:00pm,

*First episode

andy sugden Grieving Andy finally visits his kids
Thursday 8:00pm,

*Second episode

andy sugden Andy tries it on with Bernice!
Friday 7:00pm,

Debbie and Victoria find Andy curled up on the sofa clutching his wedding album.