Does Aaron fancy Robert?
Monday 7:00pm,

As the dust settles following the raid at Home Farm, Chrissie’s putting on a brave face, gutted that her that mum’s ring was stolen, and Robert feels guilty because he orchestrated the whole thing

Pete's arrested for manslaughter!
Tuesday 7:00pm,

Andy’s fighting Debbie for custody of their kids because he doesn’t want them living under the same roof as her boyfriend, Pete, whose brief stint as a drug dealer has come back to haunt him.

Belle's been attacked! But whodunnit?
Wednesday 7:00pm,

After being attacked, Belle is found by Ashley and Harriet who immediately take her home.

Did Lachlan attack Belle?
Thursday 7:00pm,

*First episode*

Charity's dodgy dealings are exposed!
Thursday 8:00pm,

*Second episode*

Jimmy gives Bob an eyeful!
Friday 7:00pm,

Jimmy’s worried that his vasectomy reversal has left with a bit of problem downstairs, as it were, so he asks his mate Bob to take a look at his crown jewels!