Nicola takes drastic action!
Monday 7:00pm,

Jimmy was petrified about what Nicola would do when she found out that he had secretly been spending time with baby Carl.

Laurel is caught drink driving!
Tuesday 7:00pm,

As April continues to have trouble sleeping, Laurel suggests to Marlon that they take her to a specialist, but he shuts her down and denies his daughter needs help.

Ross has a new partner in crime
Wednesday 7:00pm,

Charity’s sold Shirley’s car for the parts, but Ross reckons that taking apart the vehicle is too big a job for one mechanic to handle.

Andy receives a tempting offer
Thursday 7:00pm,

*First episode*

Can Ruby and Ali work things out?
Thursday 8:00pm,

*Second episode*

Welcome back, Belle!
Friday 7:00pm,

Belle gets a warm welcome when she's released and allowed to return home.