Is Ali pregnant?
Monday 7:00pm,

Ali and Ruby's relationship has been on shaky ground, since Ali secretly slept with her ex-husband, Dan.

Adam gets beaten up again
Tuesday 7:00pm,

Moira reckons she's got a handle on Maxine's protection racket after reporting her scam to the prison authorities.

There's a mystery intruder at Butler's Farm!
Wednesday 7:00pm,

Moira is on edge after the slaughter of several of her cows at the farm, knowing menacing Maxine is behind the crime.

Ruby walks out on love cheat Ali!
Thursday 7:00pm,

*First episode*

Will Charity murder Maxine?
Thursday 8:00pm,

*Second episode*

April's spooked by Halloween
Friday 7:00pm,

It's not been long since the shock death of her mum, Donna, and April is still having trouble coming to terms with the fact her mum is gone.