laurel dingle Laurel’s drink problem puts April in hospital!
Monday 7:00pm,

At home, prepping for her job interview, Laurel pours herself a vodka and orange to settle her nerves.

debbie dingle Debbie lays into Tracy!
Tuesday 7:00pm,

Now Tracy’s started up with Andy, the whole village seems to be up in arms.

carly hope Bob’s bride-to-be daughter Carly appears!
Wednesday 7:00pm,

Bob can barely believe his eyes when a flash car pulls up alongside him only to find it’s his long-lost daughter, Carly, on the way to her wedding!

vanessa woodfield Has Vanessa got breast cancer?
Thursday 6:45pm,

*Hour-long episode*

andy sugden Tracy gets barred from The Woolie!
Friday 7:00pm,

In the Woolie, Tracy gets another clear message she’s not welcome when Chas chucks a drink over her and bars her from the pub!