kim butterfield Will Kim lead baby JJ into danger?
Tuesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Wanting to spend time with baby JJ, Kim sneaks up to the garage where Joe and Freddie are busy working and hears JJ crying.

lindsey butterfield Lindsey is back with a new disguise
Wednesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

As the reunited Loveday family goes back to the flat, Sonia's left alone. As Louis prepares a special dinner, Zack asks Lisa if she wants to get a drink at The Dog while they wait.

alfie nightingale, jade albright Jade has stars in her eyes
Thursday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Alfie goes to meet Jade at the hospital for her last chemo session and their 10-week anniversary.

trevor royle, sienna blake Sienna gives Trevor an ultimatum
Friday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Ben can sense Sienna’s feeling down but thinks it’s to do with Patrick. Sienna texts Trevor, asking him to meet her. Meanwhile, Grace talks to Maxine about throwing Sienna a hen do.