Sonny visits Theresa in prison
Monday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Carmel and Sonny are shocked when they receive a visiting order from Theresa for Kathleen Angel. Later, Sonny lies that Theresa has cancelled the visit, but goes to see her himself.

Nico confronts Sienna over her lie...
Tuesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Nico is outraged when she finds out that mum Sienna lied to Dodger about her having cancer so that he wouldn't leave with Maxine, and goes to confront her.

Finn gets angry when Amber tries to leave
Wednesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Finn shows his true colours and erupts in fury when he sees Amber and Bella heading for the bus stop and realises they're trying to leave the village.

Nancy's left reeling from her attack!
Thursday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Nancy's in shock following her attack, and Phoebe takes her to the police station. Darren rushes to be by Nancy's side, as Finn desperately tries to get home unseen.

Nancy and Darren prepare to get hitched
Friday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

It's the day of Nancy and Darren's wedding and everyone in the village, particularly John Paul, is shocked by Robbie's arrest following Nancy's attack.