Will the Lomaxes move to New Zealand?
Monday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

The Lomaxes prepare to move to New Zealand. Leela doesn't want to go and Sam warns everyone not to tell Cameron.

Can Cameron stop Peri leaving?
Tuesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Ste confronts Cameron and accidentally reveals that his family is leaving. Cameron rushes to The Dog and tells Leela that Peri doesn't want to leave - they need to stop her.

Ste overdoses on booze and drugs
Wednesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Ste steals a bottle of vodka from the restaurant and heads home where he takes drugs and runs a bath for comfort.

Bianca leaves Summer Bay
Thursday 6:00pm,
Channel 4

Heath tells Bianca that distance will not change the fact that they are back together and Bianca feels better about leaving Summer Bay.

Has Cindy uncovered Sinead's affair?
Thursday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Sinead is shocked when Cindy confronts her about the affair, not realising she thinks she's sleeping with Rhys not Tony.

Grace and Trevor plan to start a family
Friday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Trevor encourages Grace to speak to the doctor about trying to conceive.