Should Blessing trust Tim?
Monday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Blessing doesn't get good news at her consultation for gender confirmation surgery.

The McQueens enjoy a spa day, but Nana's in danger
Tuesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Myra, Carmel, Mercedes and Theresa go to a spa for the day and enjoy some luxury pampering. Meanwhile, Sonny sneaks into the McQueens and when Nana gets in the way he tries to kill her.

Has Carmel run into trouble?
Wednesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Theresa finds a social services leaflet in Carmel's bag, is she planning to report Theresa? Myra tells Carmel to stay away from them from now on.

Amy returns... and drops a bombshell on Ste!
Thursday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Ste is shocked when he sees Tegan coming out of the Oncology ward at the hospital. Meanwhile, John Paul meets up with Amy and asks her to let Ste see Leah and Lucas.

Will Ste's drug habit lead to tragedy for John Paul?
Friday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

John Paul is suspicious when he sees Ste with Lockie in the village. Lockie asks Ste to pay him 'in kind' for the drugs he's given him and John Paul overhears.