hollyoaks, dylan, peri Dylan plays dress-up!
Monday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Nico, Dylan and Tom visit Peri, who is distraught about her dad Cameron's accident. To cheer her up, Dylan wears her bridesmaid dress, Nico dresses as a groom and they pretend to get married.

ziggy roscoe Will Ziggy be jilted at the altar?
Tuesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Having confessed their feelings for each other, Ziggy can't find Tegan and thinks she's got cold feet. He decides to go ahead with the wedding - but will he be left standing at the altar?

trevor royle, kim, grace black Kim grows more obsessed with Grace
Wednesday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Trevor and Kim visit Grace in prison and it’s clear Kim’s obsession with Grace is growing…

esther bloom Esther makes a discovery
Thursday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Unable to keep Kim’s secret for much longer, Nancy tells Esther what happened between Kim and Joe all those years ago, but Esther refuses to believe her, until she finds Kim’s letters to Joe at th

kim butterfield Kim tries to get back into Esther's good books!
Friday 6:30pm,
Channel 4

Kim tells Esther to use Grace's lie detector  on her and worms her way back into Esther's affections. Elsewhere, furious Lindsey gets Kim suspended from the hospital.