Nancy puts herself in danger!
Monday 6:00pm,
Channel 4

Jack returns after a night in the cells but, instead of being grateful, Nancy wants more pills. Frankie locks her in the bathroom but she escapes out of the window.

Robbie gets his groove on
Tuesday 6:00pm,
Channel 4

When Celine tells Holly not to visit Jason at the clinic, Robbie, Holly and Phoebe plan a trip to Liverpool.

Maxine has an eventful day at Daz Cabs!
Wednesday 6:00pm,
Channel 4

Maxine offers to help Darren at Daz Cabs and Patrick turns up to see Maxine surrounded by chaos. Darren returns and is furious at the mess Maxine has made, so she tells him she’s illiterate.

Will Kim's prank backfire?
Thursday 6:00pm,
Channel 4

Kim makes it her mission to spread some joy and bets that she can make each of her friends laugh during their shift.

Holly and Jason reunite
Friday 6:00pm,
Channel 4

Holly visits Jason at the food clinic. Unfortunately, their emotional reunion is soon disrupted when another resident causes chaos!