kat Chapman Kat comes clean to Nate
Monday 6:00pm,

Kat confronts Billie about her lies against Nate, but Billie smugly sticks to her story.

Chris Harrington Chris sets a trap for Billie
Tuesday 6:00pm,

After trying to convince Kat and Nate he can help, Chris arranges to meet Billie later that evening.

Phoebe Nicolson Ash and Phoebe get physical!
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Phoebe tells Denny that she feels a physical attraction to Ash, but is in love with Kyle, but Denny storms off and bumps straight into Kyle.

Hannah Wilson Hannah shocks the twins
Thursday 6:00pm,

Hannah invites the twins and Zac round for lunch and tells the twins they have stopped her living her life, leaving Zac and Leah with two new mouths to feed - permanently.

Andy Barrett Andy and Charlotte act the couple
Friday 6:00pm,

After Leah leaves, Charlotte thanks Andy for covering for her and says that she has ended her affair with Matt.