Has Oscar pushed his body too far?
Monday 6:00pm,

Hannah asks Casey to ban Oscar from the gym and she drops him off to his community service shift, where Oscar tells her Zac will be picking him up.

Will Hannah and Nate find Oscar?
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Andy speaks to Mitch about the last time he saw Oscar and leads Hannah, Zac, Nate and Leah to the bush track where Oscar was seen last. Andy finds him unconscious.

Will Evelyn take things further with Josh?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Seeing how upset Josh is about his rift with Andy, Evelyn organises a family barbeque for Casey and Denny to take his mind off things.

Phoebe exposes Kyle's jealous streak
Thursday 6:00pm,

Phoebe's manipulative streak gets the better of her when Kyle refuses to write music with her. She recruits Matt to help her, conveniently while Kyle is working at Angelo's.

Are Kyle and Phoebe back on?
Friday 6:00pm,

Kyle and Phoebe are forced to address their relationship issues when Kyle reacts angrily to finds out she and Matt are songwriting partners.