Alf prepares for the worst as Roo deteriorates
Monday 6:00pm,

With Roo still critically ill, Maddy visits Josh in his caravan and asks if he'll come with her to the hospital.

Oscar is punished twice during community service
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Oscar has his first day of community service. Andy tells the schoolboy to stand his ground, while Zac tell him to keep a low profile.

Will his surname ruin Kyle's hopes of moving out?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Ricky returns and is shocked to find out that Phoebe and Ricky are moving out.

Jett, Chris and Spencer get a shock at the caravan park
Thursday 6:00pm,

John recruits Jett, Spencer and Chris to help clean up the caravan park to take some pressure off Alf, but when the boys discover marijuana under Andy and Josh's van, what will they do?

Will Roo wake from her coma?
Friday 6:00pm,

Alf finds out Roo went on a secret trip to Peru and had a vaccine for yellow fever.