Josh Barrett A depressed Josh rejects Evelyn
Monday 6:00pm,

Andy does his best to comfort Evelyn when she tells him that Josh blames her for his loss of sight.

Katrina Chapman Kat's onto Charlotte
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Charlotte gets a call from Gunno demanding that she visits him in prison.

Nate Cooper Will Nate save his father’s life?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Kat rushes off to the hospital to tell Nate that Gavin purposely drove into a tree.

Olivia, irene Olivia reveals a shocking secret
Thursday 6:00pm,

Hunter apologises to Olivia for telling VJ and Zac about her scars. Later, she tells Irene that her self-harming started when she was abused by one of James's friends.

Andy Barrett, josh barrett Andy struggles to support Josh
Friday 6:00pm,

Andy guides Josh back to his room and then helps him with his speech exercises. Josh says 'Andy', but quickly follows with the words: 'I'm scared', leaving Andy devastated.