Can Hannah relax her rules for Andy?
Monday 6:00pm,

Andy is sick and tired of Hannah's relationship rules. Hannah tries smooth things over with a passionate kiss and they spend the night together.

Has Maddy pushed Josh into Evelyn's arms?
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Maddy feels terrible for spending the night with Josh while Roo was lying helpless at home. When Josh comes to the hospital to support her, she tells him to leave.

Matt lies to keep Sasha happy
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Matt manages to get a trial shift as a pizza boy making Sasha ecstatic at the prospect of them both working over the summer holidays.

Things heat up between Casey and Denny
Thursday 6:00pm,

The sparks between Casey and Denny continue to fly when Denny signs up to do boot camp. In fact, Casey's so flustered by her presence he trips over all the equipment.

Hannah seduces Andy
Friday 6:00pm,

Hannah invites Andy over for dinner to prove that she no longer minds him being around her family.