Hannah kisses Andy!
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Hannah tells Denny to stay in the caravan park. Denny questions if it has anything to do with things being up in the air between Hannah and Zac.

Is Andy Hannah's dirty little secret?
Thursday 6:00pm,

Hannah takes Andy home for some intimate fun, but chucks him out before Zac and the twins get home. Zac tells Hannah he wants them to try again, but Hannah explains it's over.

Jess goes into labour
Friday 6:00pm,

Bianca returns home to see Heath and Jess together at the beach and it stings her. She asks Irene how she's going to get past this but Irene is confident they can both get through this.

Heath meets his baby boy
Monday 6:00pm,

Jess has gone into labour and Heath tries to get help. Meanwhile Bianca is stewing after giving Heath an ultimatum; it's her or the baby.

Is this the end for Heath and Bianca?
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Bianca is devastated after seeing Heath happy with baby Harley. Heath tells Brax about Harley's arrival and Brax advises him to be with his son today, as things with Bianca will take time.