Hannah Wilson Hannah shocks the twins
Thursday 6:00pm,

Hannah invites the twins and Zac round for lunch and tells the twins they have stopped her living her life, leaving Zac and Leah with two new mouths to feed - permanently.

Andy Barrett Andy and Charlotte act the couple
Friday 6:00pm,

After Leah leaves, Charlotte thanks Andy for covering for her and says that she has ended her affair with Matt.

The Maguire family The Maguires' house is on fire!
Monday 6:00pm,

As Leah and the clan make their way home from The Diner, the family has a run-in with Billie. Yet, that's the least of their problems as they notice thick flames coming from the house...

Billie Ashford Will Billie survive the fire?
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Zac can hear the boys in the bedroom, but a broken beam blocks the door and the windows are locked shut.

Charlotte Adams Did Charlotte start the fire?
Wednesday 1:45pm,

Kat asks Leah and Zac who would want to hurt them and Zac says the only person is Billie - after she lashed out at VJ on the beach.

Kyle Braxton Kyle finally snaps!
Thursday 1:45pm,

Kyle arrives at work, not expecting to see Ash there, assuming he would be with Billie. When Ash responds negatively about his sister, Kyle makes a snide comment about the siblings.

Kyle Braxton Kyle leaves the Bay
Friday 1:45pm,

As Kyle and Josh prepare for the naming ceremony, Ricky surprises them by dressing Casey in a shirt that she made from one of Brax's old shirts.