Bianca faces an impossible decision
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Heath and Bianca agree to stay at separate houses until they find out who trashed and shot at the house.

Sophie's arrival sends shockwaves through the Bay!
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Denny helps Chris recover after the fight, but she's annoyed at his jealous behaviour. She's also annoyed at Casey for throwing the punch, but is determined to check if he's OK.

Spencer and Evie grow closer!
Thursday 6:00pm,

Just as Spencer lets slip that he has feelings for Evie, she runs into the Surf Club to get help for Oscar. John recognises that Oscar's having a panic attack and sends him to hospital.

Jett puts his life in danger!
Friday 6:00pm,

Marilyn's excited about proposing to John while Jett is overwhelmed with happiness. She puts on a huge feast for the two of them, and asks John to marry her.