Charlotte King Who knows what Charlotte's been up to?
Monday 6:00pm,

A mystery man is sitting in his car watching Charlotte. Later, Andy insinuates Charlotte is using Matt to make herself feel better – but Charlotte's smug.

Charlotte King A stranger threatens Charlotte
Tuesday 6:00pm,

When Hunter questions Charlotte about what trouble she's in, she says she can't tell him but pleads with him leave the Bay with her. They get into the car but it won't start.

Kyle braxton Kyle comes to Ricky’s rescue
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Kyle takes Casey so Ricky can sleep and, when she gets up, Kyle has made her breakfast. Andy enters and comments on them being a happy family.

Alf Stewart Alf’s gutted by Roo’s betrayal
Thursday 6:00pm,

Maddy's upset that Roo would get married without her or Alf and refuses to have breakfast with them. Roo apologises and says it didn't feel right without them.

Evelyn Mcguire Evelyn reveals her 'Tank' tattoo
Friday 6:00pm,

The gatecrashers ignore VJ and Oscar's orders to go outside, and when Oscar gets the phone to call the police, Tank grabs it off him and throws it away.