Sasha Bezmel Sasha and Matt say an emotional goodbye
Tuesday 6:00pm,

As Matt and Sasha accept their relationship is over, Irene closes The Diner so they can say their final goodbyes.

Martin Ashford Ash chooses Denny over Brax
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Ash tells Brax the truth about his relationship with Denny and Brax tells him to end it immediately.

Oscar MacGuire Oscar apologises to Spencer
Thursday 6:00pm,

Oscar arrives to help with the Colour Run, but Spencer ignores him. Irene and Chris tell Spencer to cool down for Maddy’s sake. Hannah urges Oscar to be the bigger man in this situation.

Maddy Osborne Maddy’s chemo isn’t working
Friday 6:00pm,

Maddy is devastated after her chemo results and she and Matt discuss where things have gone wrong in their lives.