Heston has sad news for an old friend
Monday 1:45pm,

Heston feels saddened when he has to tell his elderly jeweller friend, Jules, that due to his severe arthritis his jewellery making days are over.

John and Marilyn say 'I do'
Monday 6:00pm,

John and Marilyn say their wedding vows and their guests join them at the Surf Club for the reception.

Will Brax be arrested for murder?
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Brax promises Ricky he will not leave her or the baby. The couple's bubble is soon burst when the police turn up questioning Brax over Jake Pirovic's death.

Will Andy confess to killing Jake?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Phoebe is worried and asks Kyle if he killed Jake, which he denies. Unable to think straight, she tells Kyle she is moving to the Caravan Park for some space.

Gray punches Matt
Thursday 6:00pm,

Tyson teases VJ along the beach and Matt and Sasha witness the exchange. Matt suggests that VJ could set up Tyson by having Matt punch him in the face and claim it was Tyson.

Irene and Alf don't trust Gray
Friday 6:00pm,

Matt's father Gray is out of rehab and tells his son he was angry that the family had been torn apart. Matt orgnasises for his father to stay at the Caravan Park.