Hannah Wilson Does Hannah have feelings for Sean?
Monday 6:00pm,

Hannah draws Leah’s blood for Leah’s preliminary tests. She tells Leah that she and Sean were engaged, but had to put their wedding plans on hold when her sister got cancer.

Martin Ashford Will Ash find Brax in the river?
Tuesday 1:45pm,

At the river, the car is under water and a handcuffed Brax hurls one of the prison guards to shore. He revives the officer and tells him the driver is still under water.

Darryl Braxton Will Brax continue to play dead?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Ash makes his way back to the safe house where he finds Brax waiting for him. Ash informs him that everyone believes he’s dead and the pair agrees that Gunno was behind the accident.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah's flatlines after surgery!
Thursday 1:45pm,

It’s the morning of Leah’s surgery and she reminds Zac of his promise. Following her surgery, both Nate and Sean agree that Hannah is a fantastic theatre nurse.

Darryl Braxton The Bay says goodbye to Brax
Friday 1:45pm,

Kat says she is no longer on Brax’s case, but Andy demands answers. Later, she tells Nate she doesn’t know if she can do her job in a small place like Summer Bay.