Heath meets his baby boy
Monday 6:00pm,

Jess has gone into labour and Heath tries to get help. Meanwhile Bianca is stewing after giving Heath an ultimatum; it's her or the baby.

Is this the end for Heath and Bianca?
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Bianca is devastated after seeing Heath happy with baby Harley. Heath tells Brax about Harley's arrival and Brax advises him to be with his son today, as things with Bianca will take time.

Will Andy do the right thing by his brother?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Andy starts to realise that perhaps the Braxtons have a point and he does need to be more of a brother to Josh.

Can Hannah rekindle her feelings for Zac?
Thursday 6:00pm,

Zac is reeling after seeing Hannah with Andy, as Evie and Oscar beg Hannah to tell him the truth.

Ricky decides to go to London
Friday 6:00pm,

When Ricky sees Brax hanging out with Harley she's reminded of everything she almost had with Brax, but then suddenly, Jess faints.