Andy meets Cody's boss
Monday 6:00pm,

Andy is acting extremely odd due to his drug deals. When Cody pays Andy double for his last drug deal, Andy realises he has to stick it out the gym as a cover.

Jake has plans for Andy
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Jake and Andy start to form a toxic bond. Brax senses something's wrong and warns Josh his brother is bad news.

Can Maddy and Josh talk things through?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Evelyn is furious with Maddy for implying that her relationship with Josh isn't serious because they haven't had sex yet.

Marilyn receives a bad omen
Thursday 6:00pm,

Matt tells Sasha they have only 48 hours to pay for their Year 12 formal venue or they'll lose it.

Leah kisses Zac
Friday 6:00pm,

Matt tells Leah that Zac hasn't sold any kisses all day and needs a morale boost, but Leah adamantly refuses and Matt teases her for saying no, implying she must like him.