Will Maddy tell Josh the truth?
Monday 6:00pm,

Oscar struggles with the idea of fatherhood and Evelyn is furious that Maddy is refusing to have an ultrasound.

Chris makes a sacrifice for Spencer
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Chris tells Irene he's bagged his dream job on a cruse ship. Spencer tries to set up Chris and Denny on a date, which results in Denny pushing Spencer off the pier.

Will Pheobe choose her career over Kyle?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

When Kyle and Phoebe are getting intimate they are interrupted by Neive who plays Kyle's song - Best Part of Me as part of a remix. Livid, Kyle tells Brax that Neive has stolen his music.

Ricky's fearful of Sophie
Thursday 6:00pm,

Ricky tells Sophie she should move on, but a deluded Sophie says Nate still loves her. Worried for Nate's safety, Ricky tells him to move put of the motel.

Sophie puts her life in danger
Friday 6:00pm,

When Nate finds out Sophie's checked into the caravan park, he confronts her, but she denies she followed him. When Oscar tells Hannah about Sophie, she goes to see her.