Andy and Brax hunt down Jake
Monday 6:00pm,

Brax and Andy return to The Bay after looking for Jake Pirovic. When Brax returns he pulls Ricky in for a passionate embrace.

Andy, Brax and Jake suffer an horrific crash!
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Ricky is worried, as she believes that Brax came home to say goodbye and admits to Phoebe that he doesn't know about the baby.

Will the police arrest Brax?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Police cars and ambulances arrive at the scene of the car crash. Andy tells Brax it's too late to kill Jake now.

Nate denies his feelings for Hannah
Thursday 6:00pm,

When Sophie sees Nate and Hannah in their embrace she warns Nate she's watching him and Hannah. Later, Nate and Hannah admit they are attracted to each other, but they can't let anything happen.

Leah and Zac confront VJ
Friday 6:00pm,

VJ is giving Leah and Zac the silent treatment. However, after speaking to Jett, VJ realises Zac may not be so bad and lays down some ground rules. First up, he wants a new game...