Maddy confronts Evie and Josh
Monday 6:00pm,

Maddy is less than impressed to hear that Josh stayed at Evelyn's house after being beaten up.

The Braxtons say goodbye to Heath
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Connie accuses Heath of encouraging Darcy to run away. Heath defends himself and is helped by a furious Ricky who blasts Connie for separating Heath from his daughter.

Matt is horrified about living with Sophie
Wednesday 6:00pm,

When Matt learns that Sophie is moving in, he is horrified at the prospect of living with his school principal. But Jett points out that having Sophie living with him could work to his advantage.

Casey identifies with Andy's troubles
Thursday 6:00pm,

Denny returns from her fishing trip, and has a romantic meal with Casey, where Denny fills him in on Andy's drug dealing antics.

Can Evie get her family back together?
Friday 6:00pm,

Evelyn plans a family dinner at the farm house; however, Hannah thinks it's not a good idea as things are still awkward between herself and Zac.