Will Heath say goodbye to Darcy?
Wednesday 6:00pm,

Phoebe is in high spirits as she and Kyle can move out. However, the mood turns sour when Heath blames Phoebe for ruining his custody plans by telling Darcy.

Will Casey declare his love for Denny?
Thursday 6:00pm,

Kyle tells Phoebe he's having second thoughts about moving out due to Heath's problems. Phoebe reaches out to her dad for help; although Kyle is against the idea.

How will Maddy react when Josh runs to Evie?
Friday 6:00pm,

When Josh doesn't pick his phone and Maddy finds out that he ran to Evelyn after being attacked, Maddy hits the roof and points out he should have turned to her.

Maddy confronts Evie and Josh
Monday 6:00pm,

Maddy is less than impressed to hear that Josh stayed at Evelyn's house after being beaten up.

The Braxtons say goodbye to Heath
Tuesday 6:00pm,

Connie accuses Heath of encouraging Darcy to run away. Heath defends himself and is helped by a furious Ricky who blasts Connie for separating Heath from his daughter.