Hunter Hunter is attacked!
Tuesday 6:00pm,

VJ makes amends with Hunter when he bumps into him on a run.

Katrina Chapman Kat questions Charlotte
Wednesday 6:00pm,

As Charlotte stands over Trystan's body, she hears a car coming. She stops the driver, who happens to be Irene and asks for help.

Oscar macGuire Oscar hits Matt!
Thursday 6:00pm,

Oscar confronts Maddy about her and Matt and she explains that she kept his affections a secret to keep the peace. Oscar is livid and, when Matt tries to explain, he storms out.

Evelyn Macguire Josh has devastating news for Evelyn
Friday 6:00pm,

Greg tells Andy that he has spoken to the education department and Josh has completed his HSC exams. Later, when the specialist arrives, Andy is floored to learn that Josh is blind.