Amber Turner Amber tells Paige she’s pregnant
Monday 5:30pm,

Amber tells Paige that Josh might be the father of her baby. When Josh comes around to talk to Amber, Paige tells him to keep his distance.

Naomi Canning Naomi kisses Paul
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Naomi tells Paul to stay positive, especially now the cancer research centre is going to be a reality.

Georgia Brooks Georgia fights to prove her innocence
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Georgia's hearing at the hospital looms but her preparation is all for nothing when Toadie reveals that it's been postponed indefinitely.

Lauren Turner Lauren has a tough decision to make
Thursday 5:30pm,

After being knocked back by the Attorney General’s office for funding to hunt down Dimato, Brennan asking Lauren's permission to expose Matt's corruption so he can back up his case.

Naomi Canning Naomi supports Paul
Friday 5:30pm,

Nick is panicked about Paul's announcement but he is soon reaping the benefits when businesses start calling in pledging money for the research centre.