Rain exerts her influence over Amber
Monday 5:30pm,

Rain is worried when Wolfie threatens to call Daniel and reveal their break-up.

Paul interferes in Terese's love life
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Terese is impressed by Brad's efforts to woo her back, but what is meant to be a romantic picnic soon devolves into them reopening old wounds and both are at a loss to know how to move forward.

Terese catches up with an old flame
Wednesday 5:30pm,

A weary Terese is gutted to learn that Paul's organised a short-notice conference, but is shocked when she runs into her old flame, Ezra, there.

Nate is spiralling out of control
Thursday 5:30pm,

Nate is dismissive when Susan asks him if he is all right. He also deliberately blocks his counsellor's attempts to engage and also Chris' probing questions.

Nate buries Susan alive!
Friday 5:30pm,

Susan spots Nate heading into the park carrying a shovel and watches as he feverishly digs a hole. When Nate leaves, Susan trips, falling into the hole, and knocking herself out.