Imogen Willis Will Imogen move on with Tyler?
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Imogen and Tyler return from their paint-balling date but as things get hot and heavy, Imogen panics and breaks away, leaving Tyler disappointed.

Naomi Canning Naomi dumps Brennan?
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Naomi has to put up with Brennan as he copes badly with a case of man-flu and she can't help but compare him to Paul.

Paul Robinson Paul collapses!
Thursday 5:30pm,

Fresh from his break-up with Naomi, Tyler insists a night out with the boys will distract Brennan.

Karl Kennedy Suspicious Karl investigates Nick
Friday 5:30pm,

Nick's terrified he's about to be discovered when Karl gets the unexpected results of Paul's blood tests and pre-emptively announces that he has cured Paul of his leukaemia. Karl is staggered.