Paul Robinson Paul thanks Naomi with a kiss
Monday 5:30pm,

Sonya shows Amy a drawing Amy sent Paul as a child, which Naomi has taken from Paul’s desk drawer.

Amber Turner Amber has bad news for Daniel
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Joshua and Daniel disagree on the merits of risky in-utero surgery. Daniel thinks it is too risky, and is surprised when Amber agrees with Joshua instead of him.

Josh Willis Josh sells Kyle illegal supplements
Wednesday 5:30pm,

With a huge debt weighing over her, Amy offers to do Kyle's Dial-A-Kyle jobs for a percentage of the quote, meaning he’ll get through his work quicker and go to Germany to see Georgia sooner.

Tyler Brennan Tyler’s in trouble when Kyle collapses
Thursday 5:30pm,

Tyler and Nate find Kyle collapsed in his yard and get him to hospital.

Tyler Brennan Tyler's lies finally catch up with him
Friday 5:30pm,

Brennan questions Tyler, miffed that he didn't go to a doctor to legally obtain painkillers.