bailey turner Is Bailey the cyber-thief?
Monday 5:30pm,

After being stood up by Bryson, Paige returns to work, only to come face to face with him.

harold bishop Harold's back!
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Lou has a surprise for Toadie and Daniel – Harold's back!

nate kinski Nate gains some confidence
Wednesday 5:30pm,

When Toadie asks Nate to step in as manager at the nursery while Sonya is away, Nate turns the offer down. Susan is surprised and encourages him to rethink the offer.

terese Terese’s brothers in town
Thursday 5:30pm,

Karl's interviewing a potential new doctor for the hospital and Terese is shocked to discover it’s her brother Nick.

terese willis Brad exposes Terese's brother
Friday 5:30pm,

Brad tells Terese that on the eve of their wedding, Nick arranged a meeting between Brad and his ex-wife Beth and son, in the hope Brad would desert Terese.