Nate turns on Susan
Monday 5:30pm,

Patricia and Nate meet for the first time and Patricia mistakes Nate's nerves as him being stand-offish. This leads her to question Chris about Nate's staying power.

Jayden idolises a disgusted Josh
Tuesday 5:30pm,

When Jayden admits he admire Josh for punching Chris, Josh is horrified and tells Amber he doesn't want to be anyone's hero! He goes to Chris and asks for help.

Are Brennan and Paige over?
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Paige makes it clear to Brennan that he treated her poorly by kissing Dakota. Later, Sonya makes Brennan realise that he isn't as fully committed to this relationship.

Will Paige be left homeless?
Thursday 5:30pm,

Brad's delighted when Terese tells him she's asked Paige to move in, but comes clean about her ulterior motive. Brad's disappointed, but he understands he needs to put his wife first.

Georgia makes a huge mistake
Friday 5:30pm,

Kyle and Georgia write thank you notes for their wedding presents. When a tipsy Georgia remembers Sheila gave them a hideous lamp, she writes a rude email of thanks to her grandmother-in-law...