Paige Smith Paige is let down by the Brennan brothers
Monday 5:30pm,

Paige is insulted when Tyler suggests she parade around in a 'car wash bikini'. But the pair soon join forces and have fun together until Tyler makes a pass at her and Paige backs away.

Amber Turner Will Amber flee Erinsborough?
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Amber and Daniel are trying to stay positive on the eve of the paternity test as Daniel hastily arranges an early birthday party for Amber.

Terese Willis Does Terese have a case against Ezra?
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Terese arrives home to discover that Brad has been suspended thanks to Clem, Ezra Hanley's son.

Josh Willis Josh and Daniel take a paternity test
Thursday 5:30pm,

After fainting, Amber is relieved that it was only a mild dizzy spell but Josh goes with her to the hospital to have further tests.

terese willis Terese takes down Ezra
Friday 5:30pm,

When Susan reveals that Clem admitted to her that his father tried to attack his girlfriend Chloe Jones, Terese tracks her down, and convinces her to make a statement.