Chris lashes out at Josh
Monday 5:30pm,

Chris decides he's ready to go back to work, but after incidents when both his hand and his memory fail him, he's sent home. Worried about his recovery, Chris pushes himself with his exercises.

Josh makes a drastic decision
Tuesday 5:30pm,

In the wake of his confrontation with Chris, Imogen walks in on Josh throwing up and is quickly aware how tenuous his state of mind is.

Will Terese sneak at look at Lauren's journal?
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Terese decides to host lunch for Brad and Paige, determined to start making things up to them.

Matt and Terese stew over Lauren's journal
Thursday 5:30pm,

Matt and Terese are worried about the revelations in Lauren's journal. Terese's fears seem realised when she sees Brad, Lauren and Paige looking like a happy family.

Susan struggles to help Nate
Friday 5:30pm,

Susan is struggling with the emotional weight of counselling Nate and looks into getting a counsellor for herself.