Terese realises the depth of Paul's despair
Monday 5:30pm,

When Paul discovers the council is investigating him after leaving a secure document in the open, he's confused, questioning Terese, who was the only one who knew about his mistake.

Sonya slaps Naomi
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Sonya returns and is stunned by Naomi's deception, but after discussing it with Toadie, they somehow become more disconnected than ever.

Will Sonya sacrifice her friendship with Brennan?
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Sonya runs to Brennan, desperate to debrief about slapping Naomi, but is shocked to learn Naomi is staying at his house.

Imogen isn't keen on 'Brad the teacher'
Thursday 5:30pm,

It's Brad's first day teaching at Erinsborough High and he pitches a host of new school initiatives to Susan.

Paige plots revenge on Lauren
Friday 5:30pm,

Lauren begins to struggle in the face of Kathy's early arrival in town and decides to lay down some strict boundaries, which leaves Kathy feeling excluded from the family.