Will Josh bust Amber and Daniel?
Monday 5:30pm,

Knowing Amber's been immersing herself in the game Crash Words, Josh asks Imogen to teach him to play. He eventually invites Amber's friend, Scoop24, and is stunned to discover it's Daniel.

Josh confronts Daniel about the kiss
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Josh is in shock after seeing Amber kissing Daniel and puts himself through a punishing exercise routine. When Amber finally hunts him down, he can barely even look at her.

Kyle gives Sheila an ultimatum
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Sheila continues pouring herself into the planning of Kyle and Georgia's wedding as a way to avoid her issues with Naomi.

Will Paul finally seek professional help?
Thursday 5:30pm,

Paul accidentally damages some seedlings at the nursery, and overreacts, leading Sonya to realise how fragile he really is. She realises Paul needs professional help, and tells him as much.

Will Amber and Daniel stick together?
Friday 5:30pm,

Amber can't reconcile her happiness at being with Daniel with her guilt over hurting Josh.