Matt Turner Will Matt strike a deal with the devil?
Monday 5:30pm,

Hearing of Matt's violent outburst, Lauren suggests selling the house and Matt is forced to agree.

Mark Brennan Brennan rejoins the force
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Tyler confirms Imogen is the owner of the car he’s been hired to strip. He strikes a deal with Dimato, promising to do a favour in exchange for possession of the car.

Paul makes a seedy bet with Nick
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Paul is holding a champagne breakfast for the Erinsborough Festival sponsors where Nick confesses he’s attracted to Georgia. Paul doesn’t think Nick stands a chance.

Paul's reunited with cousin Hilary
Thursday 5:30pm,

Paul whisks cousin Hilary back to his penthouse and, in a moment of vulnerability, she reveals how her relationship with her son deteriorated as a result of a fall-out with his wife.

georgia brooks Will Georgia fall for Nick’s charms?
Friday 5:30pm,

Recognising an opportunity to get closer to Georgia – and thus to winning his bet with Paul – Nick reads her personal notebook and discovers her pre-baby bucket list.