Can Susan save Lou's life?
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Susan and Lou take shelter as the storm sends a huge beam crashing down, pinning Lou to the ground. He begins to choke - a piece of sandwich lodged in his throat.

Erinsborough deals with the aftermath of the storm
Wednesday 5:30pm,

In the aftermath of the storm, Kyle is discovered trapped in a damaged portable toilet, while Daniel, Amber and Paul are found at the garage by Chris.

Will Matt use the storm to avoid Lauren?
Thursday 5:30pm,

Lauren tries to explain her kiss with Brad, but Matt's attitude leaves Lauren worried about the state of their marriage.

Imogen sees a different side to Daniel
Friday 5:30pm,

A reluctant Imogen is paired with Daniel to help clean up the parkland around Lassiters and they find an injured baby wallaby.