Kate is shot!
Monday 5:30pm,

Brennan's preparing to propose to Kate. However, when a fly lands in Kate's champagne, she tosses the drink out... along with the engagement ring!

Will Kate survive the gunshot?
Monday 6:30pm,

Kate has been shot and as the ambulance arrives, she comes too and manages to tell Brennan she loves him before passing out.

Doug Willis is back
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Doug Willis arrives in Erinsborough. Brad and the kids are thrilled, but Terese is a little awkward - convinced Brad's parents always preferred his previous wife, Beth.

Paul struggles with his grief
Thursday 5:30pm,

A grieving Paul continues to obstruct the Celebration of Kate.

Chris is tempted by an attractive offer
Friday 5:30pm,

As Chris recovers from his knee surgery, he has a somewhat 'heightened' reaction to his pain medication, which leads him to being very flirtatious with Will, a cute male nurse.