Bailey Turner Bailey lashes out after Matt's death
Monday 5:30pm,

Daniel tries to support Bailey but he angrily accuses him of interfering with his family when it's not his place.

Paige Smith Paige snaps at Imogen
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Daniel notices Imogen's subdued mood, and she reveals her issues are twofold: one, Paige warned her to stay away from him; and two, she doesn't know how to be around people who are grieving.

Toadie Danni shocks Toadie with an admission
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Toadie is shocked when Danni asks him to represent her in court, subtly suggesting he's partly to blame for Matt's death given that he sent her the text that caused her to take her eyes off the ro

Tyler Brennan Tyler's actions catch up with him
Thursday 5:30pm,

Tyler's been laying low since Dimato's arrest and remains fearful of what will happen should Dimato get off.

Amber Turner Who's the father of Amber's baby?
Friday 5:30pm,

Paige, Imogen and Daniel take part in Josh's fitness trial and begin to have a good time. Half-way through the session, however, Amber throws up.