Will Daniel and Amber survive the storm?
Monday 5:30pm,

As a freak storm hits Erinsborough, Paul realises Brennan and Paige are together and takes out his annoyance on Daniel by telling Amber that Daniel's tattoo was inspired by his ex.

Can Susan save Lou's life?
Tuesday 5:30pm,

Susan and Lou take shelter as the storm sends a huge beam crashing down, pinning Lou to the ground. He begins to choke - a piece of sandwich lodged in his throat.

Erinsborough deals with the aftermath of the storm
Wednesday 5:30pm,

In the aftermath of the storm, Kyle is discovered trapped in a damaged portable toilet, while Daniel, Amber and Paul are found at the garage by Chris.

Will Matt use the storm to avoid Lauren?
Thursday 5:30pm,

Lauren tries to explain her kiss with Brad, but Matt's attitude leaves Lauren worried about the state of their marriage.

Imogen sees a different side to Daniel
Friday 5:30pm,

A reluctant Imogen is paired with Daniel to help clean up the parkland around Lassiters and they find an injured baby wallaby.