Brad Willis Brad clashes with Ezra's son
Monday 5:30pm,

Brad takes a class with Ezra Hanley's son, Clem, but soon has him in detention when he insults Terese.

Mark Brennan Does Brennan have feelings for Paige?
Tuesday 5:30pm,

With Brennan banging on the garage door, only quick thinking from Tyler avoids him and Paige being busted - he explains the two of them have been spending quality time together.

Karl Kennedy Karl has worrying news for Amber
Wednesday 5:30pm,

Josh is secretly pleased when Amber explains he could be a father, after all he loves her.

Nate Kinski Nate becomes Sheila’s boss
Thursday 5:30pm,

Ezra offers Nate the role as Trainee Manager at The Waterhole and demotes Sheila – effectively making Nate the boss.

Brad Willis Will Brad and Lauren get together?
Friday 5:30pm,

Lauren arrives to cook dinner for the Willises and she and Brad discuss Amber and Josh's baby dilemma.