Ashley Peacock

A tragi-comic character, butcher Ashley Peacock (Steven Arnold) has been dealt some cruel blows by life.

Marriages Maxine Heavey (deceased), Claire Casey Children Joshua (not his biological son), Freddie 1996 Butcher Fred Elliott's YTS apprentice, he dates Ken's babysitter Kelly. 1997 Falls in love with vampish hairdresser Maxine. She leaves him after he takes in homeless teen Zoë. 1998 Falls in love with Zoë and raises her baby, Shannon, as his own. Their relationship falls apart when Shannon dies of meningitis and Zoë joins a religious cult. 1999 Stunned by revelation that Beryl and Sam Peacock are not his birth parents. Fred - Beryl's brother - is his father, not his uncle. Reunites with Maxine. Tracks down his birth mother, Kathleen Gutteridge, in time for their September wedding. 2000 Taken hostage in an armed siege at Freshco's supermarket. Decides to try for a baby with Maxine. 2001 Has an operation to remedy fertility problems. Maxine has a one-night-stand with Dr Matt Ramsden and falls pregnant. 2002 Maxine confesses her fling to Ashley and goes into early labour. Baby Joshua's born. Ashley refuses a paternity test and takes on the baby as his own. 2003 Maxine is murdered by serial killer Richard Hillman. Ashley takes a paternity test and discovers Matt Ramsden is Joshua's dad. Employs Claire Casey as a nanny. 2004 Falls in love with Claire and marries her on Christmas Day. 2005 At dad's suggestions, takes part in boxing match with rival butcher Marvin Maddocks. They declare it a tie when spectators start fighting among themselves. 2006 Ashley fights to keep Joshua when Matt returns. Claire gives birth to Freddie but suffers post-partum depression. Dad Fred dies suddenly of a heart attack. 2007 Ashley struggles to cope with Claire's depression. Has a brief affair with Claire's friend, Casey, who turns out to be mentally unbalanced. Casey snatches Freddie and demands Ashley marry her. Claire rescues Freddie and leaves Ashley in September. In November, Claire realises she still loves Ashley and they're reconciled. 2008 Ashley struggles financially. To raise money, the Peacocks agree to swap homes with the Websters. 2009 Devastated when Claire miscarries after collapsing with a blood clot. 2010 Struggles to keep his family together when Claire is accused of child abuse when Aadi is hurt while in her care. Claire is desperate to get away from Weatherfield, but Ashley's reluctance almost causes them to split. Tragically, dies following the gas explosion at The Joinery.

Played by Steven Arnold