Roy Cropper

Café owner Roy Cropper (David Neilson) is considered a bit of an 'anorak' by the locals, with his love of historical re-enactments and model trains. But he's respectful, thoughtful and has the heart of a lion.

Marriages Hayley Cropper (blessing), Tracy Barlow (annulled) 1995 Deirdre Rachid's neighbour while she was caretaker at Mike Baldwin's flats. Comforts Liz McDonald when she's beaten up by her hubby, Jim. 1997 Goes into business with Gail Platt, buying Alma Baldwin's share of Jim's Café, and renames it Roy's Rolls. 1998 Meets shy Hayley Patterson but is stunned when she admits she's a pre-op transsexual. Eventually overcomes his reservations. 1999 Hayley buys Gail's share in café and they relocate business to Victoria Street. Roy sweeps Hayley off her feet as John Travolta at a Valentine's Day disco and proposes. Local curate blesses their relationship but malicious Les Battersby alerts the press. 2001 Fosters young Wayne Hayes but refuses to return him to his violent stepfather and is arrested. The matter's dropped when the boy's mother confirms his story. 2003 Tracy Barlow spikes his drink and claims they've slept together and she's pregnant with his baby. An appalled Roy contemplates suicide but he and Hayley agree to 'buy' the child from Tracy. Marries Tracy to ensure parental rights. 2004 Becomes 'dad' to baby Patience (later Amy). Tracy demands the baby back and reveals that she never slept with Roy - Steve McDonald is the baby's real father. Divorces Tracy. 2005 Bullied by builder Vince and nearly has a breakdown. Becomes a mentor to young waif and stray Chesney Brown. 2006 Takes in teen Craig Harris until Craig goes to Germany. 2007 Discovers his comic collection is worth a fortune and sells it off to buy a Morris Minor Traveller. Is furious when he finds out Hayley has a son, as he believed he was her 'first'. Reluctantly supports Hayley when she decides to work for a charity in Africa for a year. 2008 Lets Becky Granger share the flat while Hayley's away. Sacks her and throws her out when he discovers her affair with Steve McDonald but renews their friendship. Hayley returns. 2009 Gives Becky away when she marries Steve McDonald. 2010 Briefly splits from soulmate Hayley after he makes a mess of his proposal. But when she survives the Tony Gordon hostage drama, he does the deed properly and she accepts.

Played by David Neilson