Coronation Street‘s Ben Price tells Soaplife why Nick suddenly gets the urge to propose to Leanne… how she turns him down… and then proposes herself!

Leanne’s divorce from Peter comes through, which should make Nicky happy. But it doesn’t. Why?

“Because Leanne doesn’t seem happy. Nick notices something different in Leanne’s behaviour and he doesn’t know what’s going on until eventually she tells him that her divorce from Peter has come through. There has been no discussion at all about Peter in the last four months and Nick doesn’t understand what the big deal is. This shouldn’t be something that bothers Leanne. In his mind she should be pleased.”

Is he cross she didn’t tell him immediately?

“He is, but he hides that. The alarm bells are ringing for him. He doesn’t understand why Leanne has kept it from him. He’s concerned that she still loves Peter. If Peter didn’t matter to her why would she react? When he picks her up on it she vehemently defends herself and insists it means nothing to her, but all Nick is hearing is that she still cares.”

And he confides in Eva, of all people! Why?

“He bumps into her in the street and confides in her a little bit and she just does enough to make it worse, reinforcing what he’s already thinking. She tells him that Leanne doesn’t like the alcoholic Peter, but she loves the Peter that is a bit of a risk-taker – something that Nick isn’t. He doesn’t realise Eva’s being manipulative.”

And worse! Eva plots with Kylie to split up Nick and Leanne!

“They get Nick to ask Leanne to marry him, sure that Leanne will say no. They think it will be much too soon after the divorce.”

So Nick proposes in The Bistro…

“Kylie persuades him that any woman would love to be swept off their feet and proposed to in that way. But not Leanne and deep down Nick knows this. But there’s a bit of him that thinks if he does it in public she won’t be able to turn him down.”

But she does…

“Yes. Leanne absolutely loses it and then you see Nick lose it about Peter. On the plus side, though, it releases all that tension.”

And Leanne later proposes to Nick! Does he accept?

“Yes. Nick thinks this is his only chance, that it might be the final chance he has to win Leanne from Peter. That’s another thing about Nick: he takes something when he sees it.”

But Peter’s on his way back…

“And Nick has no idea that problem is just around the corner!”