Coronation Street‘s Michelle Keegan explains to Soaplife what goes wrong this time Tina and Tommy almost get it together…

Tina and Tommy’s “Will they, won’t they?” romance has kept viewers guessing for months. Now, just when it looks like they are finally getting together, it all goes wrong again. “I do genuinely think Tina likes Tommy,” says Michelle. But to convince herself she writes down a list of his good bits and bad bits. Big mistake.

The list was Sean’s idea, wasn’t it?

“Sean’s trying to play matchmaker and tells Tina to do a list of Tommy’s pros and cons. The pros include he’s got a great sense of humour, he’s caring and he’s helpful. And the cons are he’s childish and vain. There are more pros than cons.”

So Tina makes her move…

“Tina runs out of The Rovers just as Tommy’s about to go into town and blurts out, ‘Should we just go on a date?’ It’s been a long time coming, but it’s what Tommy’s always wanted.”

He takes her to The Bistro. Does the date go well?

“No! Tommy’s found Tina’s list of his good and bad points and slams it on the table saying, ‘You shouldn’t be doing that – you’ve judged me’. He’s in a mood because Tina says he’s childish, then he acts childishly! Tina tries to defend herself and tells him, ‘It’s not a big deal – you’re ruining the night’. And he does ruin the night because Tina storms out when he won’t let it go. He’s basically punishing her all evening.”

Do you still want to see Tina and Tommy get together?

“I do because I genuinely think they love each other. They’d make a good couple because they’ve liked each other for a long time. Tommy’s been looking after Tina since day one. He was on Tina’s side when she split up with Dr Matt and during the whole Kirsty and Tyrone bust-up.”

What else is coming up for Tina?

“Well, Terry Duckworth – Tommy’s dad – is coming back so we’ll have to see how that affects things for Tommy and Tina. Tina’s lost her dad, so will she be getting a new father figure? Or will Terry be trouble?”