Actress Lucy-Jo Hudson has said she doesn’t find it hard to watch Tyrone Dobbs succumb to domestic violence in Coronation Street – even though the character is played by her husband Alan Halsall.

Lucy-Jo, who played Katy Harris in the soap from 2002-2005 – and more recently starred in Wild At Heart – has a lot of catching up to to do on Corrie after being away filming the series in South Africa, including the domestic violence plot involving Tyrone and his girlfriend Kirsty, played by Natalie Gunmede.

“People say, ‘How do you feel when he’s getting beaten?’,” Lucy-Jo said. “But I don’t see Tyrone as my husband, he’s much quieter than Al who’s really in your face and very funny.

“I think the storyline is really good, they’re doing a brilliant job. Natalie is amazing at playing a psycho.”

Lucy-Jo, who was only 17 when she joined the cast, added that she had no regrets about leaving Weatherfield – and she certainly didn’t miss the public attention.

“I became a hermit when I was in Corrie, I didn’t know how to deal with the public and people thinking that they know me when they don’t,” she explained.

“It gets to a point when you just can’t do anything without being looked at or pointed at, and you’re a bit like a piece of meat really. People just want to grab you and have a piece of you.”

And she admtitted she hadn’t initially considered acting as a career.

“I danced as a youngster and then I got an agent and the first job that came up was Corrie,” she said. “I got the job and I was like, ‘What the hell?’ My life changed from then, I still feel like I’m blagging it really.

“I’m so lucky to be doing the work that I’m doing and I hope it continues because I do love it.”