Will Aidan’s hot affair with Maria go off the boil when he says 'yes' after Eva pops the question? Corrie’s Shayne Ward opens up about this shock development…

Aidan’s having a hot secret affair with Maria so the last thing on his mind is tying the knot with girlfriend Eva – but then she proposes! “Aidan is completely shocked, especially as he was in the Rovers’ toilets with Maria just before Eva proposes,” Shayne Ward told Soaplife. That doesn’t stop him saying ‘yes’, though!

Why does Aidan accept Eva’s out-of-the-blue proposal?
“Because she asks him in front of a packed Rovers. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. He loves Eva [Catherine Tyldesley] but he has real feelings for Maria, too. Maria, understandably, is devastated to hear him say yes to Eva.”

Who does he love the most?
“Eva, but his feelings for Maria [Samia Longchambon] are growing. He knows if he gets caught that could be the end of him and Eva, but he just can’t help it.”

If you were Aidan’s friend, what advice would you give him?
“Oh, I would have clipped him round the ear a long time ago! I would have said, ‘Mate, it’s not worth it’. I would have told him to be single.”

Which woman do you think he should be with?
Mary [Patti Clare]! She would calm him down with her stories, she would be great. No, it’s an impossible question to answer.”

How do you think fans will react to the engagement?
“I’m sure I am going to be getting a lot more heated debates on Twitter, but that’s part of it – it means that people are getting really into the storyline.”

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