Sue Johnston has confessed she felt star stuck when she joined the cast of Coronation Street>.

The Royle Family star has been in acting business for years, including a part in axed Channel 4 soap Brookside for eight years. But she is such a Corrie fan, she was nervous taking on the role of Stella Price’s mum Gloria.

Sue said: “I was a bit giddy when I saw them all. It’s a very strange feeling because you have to divorce what you see on telly and get to know the real actors.

“I called Craig Charles by his character’s name – Lloyd! I apologised, but he said he’d been called worse.

“I’m just a bit scared of this one – I can’t imagine me in Coronation Street. It belongs to history.

“Every time I go on a different set, I meet another group of actors and I think somebody is going to be horrible, but they’re not, they’re so lovely and welcoming.”

And it’s not the first time Sue has been the nervous new girl on Corrie – she previously appeared in the soap back in 1982.

Sue said: “I was Mrs Chadwick, the bookie’s wife. I remember it so clearly because it was my first telly job.”

“I was very nervous of all of them because if you sat in the wrong seat you were in deep doo-doo in the green room!

“There was a big green room and another room off it where they played bridge at lunch times. The guy who played Alf Roberts put his head in and said, ‘Does anyone play bridge?’ and I put my hand up. He said, ‘Would you make up a four?’ and I went ‘No’. I didn’t dare speak to them, let alone play cards with them!”