Ahead of Sunday’s final on ITV, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean tell TV Times Magazine why this year’s Dancing on Ice has been the best yet…

How do you feel now that this series is coming to an end?
Jayne: “This series of Dancing on Ice has been the best yet!”
Chris: “It never stops, we’re always trying to improve things and be creative. This time, it’s a shorter main show at an hour and a half. So, for example, now when we come back from a commercial, the next skater is already in situ rather than having to skate on and bow first. This has made the show feel more rapid.”

How do you feel about the inclusion of the ‘Save Me Skate’ and the big opening routines?
Chris: “It’s been good for the show because it’s not a repeat performance.”
Jayne: “Yes, and we don’t know what they’re going to do as it’s the only routine that we don’t choreograph or choose the music for.”

Your schedule for the show must be incredibly hectic!
Chris: “It’s not an eight-hour day. You do the work until it’s done because otherwise come Sunday night there will be no show. The pressure is always on.”

What are your plans for the final?
Chris: “We’ll be doing a Bolero routine with help from British choreographer Kim Gavin, who was Creative Director of the closing ceremony of the Olympics last year.”

Now Beth Tweddle, Matt Lapinskas and Luke Campbell are headed into the final, what do you think of their chances?
Jayne: “Beth’s great to work with because she’s from that background where you listen, take instruction and act upon it. Matt’s like a wasp in a bottle because he’s all over the place. But I like his enthusiasm and it’s nice he enjoys it so much.”
Chris: “Luke’s like the kid that comes late and is a bit tired, but he gets the work done.”

As usual, two of them will get to perform a version of your infamous gold-winning routine to Ravel’s Bolero from the 1984 Winter Olympics…
Jayne: “It’s always endearing to see it and we’ve had some really good ones in the past.”

Are you already preparing for Dancing on Ice 2014?
Chris: “We’ve already had some Corrie folk who are interested in doing it next year!”

Next year will mark 30 years since the 1984 Winter Olympics…
Jayne: “We didn’t do a tour this year, but we’re planning a big tour to celebrate.”
Chris: “I don’t know, maybe it’ll be the last time we perform Bolero, put it to bed…”
Jayne: “Well, 30 years is a long time!”