Mickey Miller

The stallholder may not be the brightest spark, but he’s very sweet-natured. Mickey regards step-father Keith as his real dad, as his real father Mike walked out when he was small.

2003Sells some dodgy gear to Spencer Moon. Is at the wheel of a mini-bus on a holiday with his mates when it crashes in Scotland. 2004Dates Kareena. Mum Rosie, step-dad Keith, brother Darren and sister Demi move into the Square. 2005Comes across real dad Mike while on a holiday France, along with his sister Dawn. 2006Mike comes to stay and splits up the family. Rosie and Demi leave Walford. 2007 Starts dating petty criminal Li Chong, who grows cannabis in his flat and tries to turn him into a male escort before they finally split up!

Played by Joe Swash