EastEnders fans are speculating that Phil Mitchell may not receive the liver transplant in time to save his life

Things could get very dramatic on Albert Square if the reports that Phil Mitchell may die before the end of this week are to be believed.

EastEnders fans have been left in bits over the suggestion the Walford legend could lose his life before undergoing a much-needed liver transplant thanks to a family feud over his will.

Phil, played by Steve McFadden, has had grave health issues after being diagnosed with liver failure following years of excessive drinking.

EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell in bed while his son Ben attends to him (BBC/Jack Barnes)


In scenes earlier this week he was seen preparing his will, but his decision to leave everything to his teen daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) left Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) fuming, and she was later added to the document herself.

However, his son Ben (Harry Reid) – who, it turns out, is the only person viable to donate his liver – has still been left out of the will, and fans are now concerned he may back out of the life-saving transplant.

To add to that, Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) is also angry over his decision to leave her son Ben off the will and some suspect she may try to kill Phil.


An EastEnders source previously told Mirror Online: “Kathy feels like she has just got Ben back in her life.

“She will do everything to keep Ben safe, but her son will have other things on his mind. Things are going to get tense.”

Steve, who has played the character for nearly three decades, has also said he hopes Phil won’t be killed off.

Phil Mitchell
Phil Mitchell (BBC/Nicky Johnston)


“I’ve always opened my arms to the nature of soaps – you don’t know the end until you get to the end,” he told The Sun.

“I’m hoping it’s not the end for Phil… I’m hoping he’s going to stay sober and that all goes well. Although, of course, happy endings are only ever temporary in soaps.”

Earlier this year, fans of EastEnders mourned as Phil’s mum Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) died in the soap.