June Brown was thrilled to learn Dot Cotton has been voted the All-Time Favourite EastEnders character in TV Times’ EastEnders 25th Anniversary Awards!

The 82-year-old actress, who’s enjoyed some of the show’s biggest storylines playing the Albert Square legend, said she was delighted that people have so much affection for Dot.

Grant Mitchell came second in the vote for All-Time Favourite character, with Alfie Moon coming third.

“It’s an absolute honour and so wonderful to be voted for by the TV Times readers, thank you so much,” says June.

Thousands voted in the special anniversary awards, which saw Dirty Den as All-Time Favourite Villain, narrowly beating Nasty Nick. Well, they were both pretty bad, weren’t they?!

The All-Time Favourite Wedding was Kat and Alfie’s 2003 ceremony, with Dot and Jim’s 2002 nuptials on Valentine’s Day coming second.

The death of Danielle Jones, moments after Ronnie found out the tragic teen was her daughter, took the Best Exit prize, edging out Ethel Skinner’s moving departure from the show in 2000, when Dot helped her terminally ill friend to die.

The Greatest EastEnders moment, even beating Dirty Den dishing out divorce papers to Angie on Christmas Day 1986, was Zoe discovering Kat was her mother in 2001. “You ain’t my mother!” shrieked Zoe, only to get Kat’s shocking response: “Yes I am!”

As for who gets EastEnders’ fans pulses racing, dishy Dennis Rickman was the No 1 male, with current Albert Square Romeo Jack Branning second in the love list. Sizzling Stacey Slater was the All-Time Sexiest Female, with Ronnie Mitchell taking second place.

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