Belle Dingle

A child genius, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) often uses her intelligence to think up Dingle-style scams!

1998 Born in a barn on Christmas Day to a very surprised Lisa, who didn't realise she was pregnant. 2005 Gets stuck down a disused mineshaft in a storm and is saved from certain death by teenager Daz Eden. 2006 Suspended for hacking into the school computer system. 2007 Tests reveal she's very bright for her age. She wins a part-scholarship to a private school. Makes friends with lady of the manor Rosemary King, who offers to pay the remaining fees. 2008 Has to leave private school after Rosemary's death, as the family can't afford the fees. 2009 Becomes friends with Will Wylde, who has moved into Home Farm. 2010 Is allowed to visit mum Lisa in prison.

Played by Eden Taylor-Draper