Debbie Dingle

Well, she's a Dingle through and through, so Debbie (Charley Webb) is capable of anything!

Children Sarah 2002 Twelve-year-old Debbie Jones is fostered over Christmas by Paddy and Emily Kirk. 2003 Back with the Kirks after her adoptive mum, Pat Jones, falls ill. Shows Cain Dingle a picture of her birth mother and it turns out to be Cain's cousin Charity Dingle. Moves in with Charity when Pat dies and Charity reveals that an unwitting Cain is her dad! 2004 Charity gives birth to Debbie's half-brother, Noah, and sells him to sister-in-law Zoë Tate. When Debbie finds out she burns the money (Charity later takes Noah back). Has a brief affair with local farmer Andy Sugden. 2005 Debbie's loyalties are divided when Charity asks her to leave the village with her but she opts to stay with Cain. Is by now pregnant to Andy but keeps it a secret and gives birth in Seth's hide to a girl, Sarah. Andy's brother Robert uses her to make Andy jealous. Gives Sarah to Emily Kirk, who leaves the village with her. 2006 Has a fling with best mate Jasmine Thomas to annoy Cain but Cain sleeps with Jasmine, who gets pregnant. Debbie helps her get an abortion and tells Cain. Cain leaves Emmerdale and Debbie feels abandoned. Dates Scott Windsor. 2007 Scott disappears and Debbie, with Eli Dingle's help, falsifies documents to get a loan to buy his garage business. Sleeps with second cousin Eli Dingle. 2008 Discovers Andy's beating his wife, Jo, and fears for Sarah's safety. In December, rescues Jasmine as bent copper Shane Doyle tries to rape her and Jasmine kills him. Dumps body in lake with help from Jasmine and Eli. Victoria Sugden finds body when she falls in lake at Christmas. 2009 Jasmine confesses to manslaughter and Debbie's convicted of perverting the course of justice. Released in March. Cain returns and helps Debbie regain custody of Sarah. 2010 Leaves Emmerdale to take up a new job in Jersey, but returns to the village with a whole new blonde look later in the year.

Played by Charley Webb