Finn becomes an escort to solve the Barton family’s cash crisis. Then he and Ross make a shock discovery! Actor Joe Gill has the story…

The Barton family are stony broke in Emmerdale and, unusually, it’s Finn who steps up to the plate and devises a dodgy money-making scheme. He plans to become an escort! But when his first job goes awry, he and Ross stumble upon a cannabis farm, Finn actor Joe Gill reveals to Soaplife.

How poor are the Bartons?
“Their finances haven’t recovered since James’s death and Emma’s still been paying money into Wylie’s Farm. Finn also spent some of the taxi firm’s funds when he was in Australia. So, basically, their finances are in a bad way.”

What makes Finn decide to become an escort?
“He does have a bit of history with them. He has this lightbulb moment and he gets contacts from Nathan, the escort he met a while back. He’s very nervous about it, but he’s desperate.”

Will he go as far as  sleeping with his clients?
“He knows he’ll have to provide ‘the full service’ if he wants to make as much money as possible. But he’ll try everything he can to wheedle his way out of that. He wants to keep his dignity. It’s just a short-term thing, so that he can get the taxi company back on an even keel.”

What happens with his first customer?
“Well, there’s a bit of confusion as the client thinks Finn’s there to provide ‘the full works’. Finn ends up panicking and he tries to talk the guy out of it. He’s married and Finn explains it might not be a great idea to cheat on his wife. Then, when Finn gets the money in his hand, he runs off.”

Where does he run to?
“He goes to Wylie’s farm. Ross heads there, too, as he’s been tipped off about what’s going on.”

What happens at Wylie’s?
“Finn locks himself in a room to escape this guy who’s after him and he trips on a wire. He opens a door to find somebody’s been in and he set up a massive cannabis farm.”

How does Finn react to that?
“Initially, he has a panic attack and Ross tries to calm him down. He proper freaks out and says to Ross, ‘I didn’t go to university to become a drug lord!’ Ross manages to persuade Finn there could be a positive side to the situation.”

Is Finn about to turn bad like Ross?
“There are signs that he’s going to be a bit more like his brothers. After all, he does have Barton blood flowing through his veins.”

Can you really see him in the drugs trade?
“The thing about criminal activity is you need the brains, then the body. Finn is definitely the brains. This could be the start of a partnership between Ross and Finn. They might make a few quid together.”