Emma knows Ashley knows she was on the bridge that James fell from and she can’t have him tell anyone in Emmerdale. But can she stop him now he has her on camera?

Emmerdale fans were furious after Friday night’s episode saw Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) take Ashley’s camcorder from him and put it “safely” away.

Because, of course, that camera holds evidence that could lead to Emma (Gillian Kearney) being caught as James’s killer.

She now knows that dementia sufferer Ashley (John Middleton) saw her on the bridge she pushed James off and he remembers, then he forgets, but then he remembers again…

Suddenly, Emma was Laurel’s new best friend, bustling her off for a pampering session at Bernice’s salon, while compassionate, caring Emma sat with Ashley.

Except what Emma did to the poor man was cruel and horrifying, as you can see in this video of those scenes.

But Emma didn’t know he was making films for his children and had left his camcorder running. Neither did he.

And neither did Laurel, who has packed the camera safely away after Ashley lost his temper with it and nearly broke it.

So there’s a timebomb ticking in their house…one that looks set to go off on Christmas Day!

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No one knows – yet – that Ashley accidentally filmed cruel Emma

That would be a perfect time to film the family together and all someone has to do is turn it on to see what Emma did to Ashley – and then start asking questions.

Ho, ho, ho! Can’t wait for Christmas! Can you?

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