Emmerdale‘s Charley Webb has revealed that her character Debbie Dingle is set to undergo an overnight transformation into a dark-haired bad girl.

Viewers can look forward to some drama in the coming weeks after the young mother – who was left heartbroken after discovering her aunt Chas was having an affair with her boyfriend Cameron Murray – decides to toughen up.

“Suddenly she has this massive change,” Charley revealed. “She becomes very business minded, she changes her look, her hair and her appearance, and it’s all about making money for the kids and nobody’s ever going to s***w her over again.”

Things will take an even darker turn when Debbie meets drug courier Dom, who she realises is a drug courier, and embarks on a plan to steal his business.

“Debbie’s watched her mum, Charity, and dad, Cain, for years, do want they want, get what they want and now she’s like ‘That’s it, I am that’,” Charley said.

“She has this complete change over night, and everything changes. This new side to her is completely different and she wants to be what Cain is – so watch out Emmerdale, there’s a new Cain in town.”