Emmerdale‘s Chelsea Halfpenny reveals to Soaplife how Amy hates her mum for all the hurt she has caused her – but now she realises that she loves her, too. Does she love her enough to live with her, though?

Having her mum back in her life has brought Amy nothing but hurt. “Whatever Kerry does it’s affecting Amy’s life – and not in a good way,” Chelsea tells Soaplife. But it’s when Kerry does her worst that the mother and daughter finally bond…

Amy’s really upset that Kerry isn’t the kind of mum she wants her to be, isn’t she?

“It’s really hurting her, although she kind of expected it. Amy’s tried to help Kerry, but Kerry hasn’t grown up at all – even though it’s almost 20 years since she had Amy.”

But did Amy really plan to stay in London until Kerry had left Emmerdale?

“Amy was quite confident that Kerry would quickly just give up and leave because it would be obvious Amy wasn’t bothered.”

Instead Kerry stays and ends up in hospital – again. What happens?

“Sarah gets hold of Kerry’s insulin pen and Andy chucks Kerry out. Then Val has a big argument with her and Kerry starts drinking and just doesn’t stop. She pushes herself to the edge and, as a diabetic, that’s very dangerous.”

Pollard tells Amy and she rushes straight back. Why?

“Deep down she does care about Kerry. She doesn’t hate Kerry – she never has, although she has said she does. Amy knows where Kerry is coming from because Amy can be like it herself, getting into trouble and all that because she never had any support.”

Kerry’s condition is critical. How scared is Amy?

“Amy’s sitting at her bedside in the hospital, telling Kerry what she thinks of her, telling Kerry she must have done it on purpose. Then Kerry suddenly has a seizure and it hits Amy just how much she loves her. Kerry’s her mam at the end of the day and she doesn’t want her to die. This is when you see Amy’s vulnerability. It’s the time when you could lose a loved one that everything else goes out of the window. Nothing else matters, nothing in the past. It’s about the here and now. It’s when Amy learns Kerry’s stabilised that she reveals her true feelings.”

So now she wants Kerry to stay in Emmerdale?

“No. Although Amy cares for Kerry, she still wants her to go. Amy can’t look after Kerry and she knows Kerry will always end up pulling her down.”

If Amy changes her mind could Kerry ever really be the mum Amy wants?

“I don’t know what the future holds for Amy and Kerry – it’s really unpredictable. Kerry may well try hard in the future, but nobody can completely change themselves…”