Award-winning actor Danny Miller talks to TV Times magazine about leaving Emmerdale after four years playing Aaron Livesy…

You’re leaving Emmerdale as one of the show’s best-loved characters! How do you feel to be saying goodbye to Aaron?

“I am really nervous about getting out in the big wide world. When I made the decision to go, I hadn’t really thought about what would happen afterwards. I don’t have anything lined up and it’s really quite daunting.”

What do you think about your exit storyline?

“I didn’t want a big dramatic exit and I didn’t want to die! What they’ve come up with really gives the last four years justice. It’s emotional, it’s heartwarming and it’s positive.”

Can you tell us what happens?

“Aaron tells Adam he will take the rap for the fire. Adam, Chas and Paddy don’t want him to. They explain that he could go down for a long time, but that doesn’t bother him. Aaron has caused a lot of trouble and thinks it is maybe time to pay for it. He also wants to give Adam a fresh start; it’s an enormous act of friendship.”

Did you find it tough deciding to leave?

“It was such a hard decision to make. When I told them at Emmerdale, they were so supportive of me and said they would leave the door open. I am really going to miss this place.”

What are you looking forward to doing now that you’ve finished filming?

“Most of all, I am looking forward to spending time with my niece who is three. I’ve missed a lot of her growing up whilst I’ve been in Emmerdale and I want to spend days with her in the park and stuff. That’s what I am looking forward to most.”

Do you have any more plans?

“I am moving in with my elder brother, Paul, who’s a teacher and lives in Manchester. He’s 31, but still as childish as me. He along with my mum and dad and sister, keep me grounded. If I am complaining about something, they will say I need to shut up because I’ve got nothing to moan about!”