Emmerdale‘s Dominic Power reveals to Soaplife that Cameron is finding it harder and harder to resist Chas’s charms!

Cameron and Chas have been trying to deny the sexual tension sizzling between them, but it’s not working and things get red hot. “When you’re in the first stages of something like this you don’t think of the consequences,” says Dominic. “It’s like a fairytale.” But probably not one with a happy ending!

Does Cameron wish he’d left Emmerdale when he said he was going to?

“Good question. He stayed because he still loves Debbie and very much cares about her and the whole Sarah situation. If he didn’t, he would have just upped and gone. And the fact he still has feelings adds an edge to what’s coming.”

We’re guessing that what’s coming involves Chas…

“He’s definitely still attracted to her. The tension’s building inside him and it’s coming out in this animalistic way. He’s being very inconsiderate and extremely lustful.”

What does he like about Chas?

“He doesn’t not like anything about her and that’s the point. Chas is a good friend, a good laugh and she’s beautiful. She’s put a smile on his face for the first time in ages. It’s winning him over.”

And he wins her over when Aaron leaves, doesn’t he?

“Cameron tries to support Chas and tells her he’s there for her. She’s been drinking and they find it very hard to resist each other – so hard that the inevitable happens and there are fireworks.”

How could Cameron cheat on Debbie when she’s so worried about Sarah’s health?

“By blanking it out. If he stopped and really considered the hurt he’d cause if Debbie were to find out, well, I don’t think he’d do it. But there’s also the thought at the back of his mind that Debbie was unfaithful when she slept with Andy [to create the saviour sibling for Sarah].”

Is Cameron worried that Debbie has feelings for Andy?

“Cameron’s definitely paranoid about that. How could he not be when they had this passionate night together behind his back? It’s what’s fuelling the fire for him with Chas in a way. It’s not tit-for-tat, but it’s another way of allowing himself to do it.”

Will he stand by Debbie?

“I don’t think he knows what he’ll do. He absolutely does love Debbie and it’s taken a lot for him to do this with Chas. But he’s been beaten into the ground emotionally.”