Emmerdale‘s Jason Merrells reveals to Soaplife why Declan feels betrayed by new wife Katie – and how that leads to a terrible accident that could lead to Declan becoming a widow!

So Declan’s upset because Katie set up Robbie when he attacked her at the stables… But why?

“The fact that Katie lied has got into Declan’s head. Even though Robbie’s actions were way beyond the pale, Declan’s fixated on the fact that she was dishonest. He was holding her up as this kind of icon of virtue – now he thinks something has gone wrong and he’s worried that he can’t trust her.”

And that leads to them having a massive row…

“Declan’s worried his marriage is in trouble and she overhears him confiding in Nikhil which leads to a big argument. Declan storms out, gets on his quad bike and drives away. So, Katie follows him on another quad bike and catches up with him when he runs out of petrol. They row some more and Katie rides off this time, leaving Declan stranded.”

And that’s when disaster strikes…

“Suddenly Katie and the bike vanish into an old mine shaft. At first she seems quite easy to reach. But the ground is unstable and Declan soon realises he needs help.”

Katie begs Declan not to leave her alone…

“He has to do something and he’s left his phone at home. He feels bad but he runs for help at Butler’s Farm. He gets Moira and Andy to come with a tractor and rope… His idea is to drop a rope down to Katie and pull her out.”

Then disaster strikes again!

“Declan goes too near the edge of the shaft with the tractor and there’s a further collapse which causes Katie to fall deeper into the mine. He’s made things much worse.”

Is Declan scared Katie will die?

“He’s in bits. He said all kinds of stuff he didn’t really mean and now he could have lost her completely. It goes very dark for Declan. And it gets worse when the rescue team can’t hear Katie any more. Declan thinks he’s killed her and hates himself.”