Victoria gets caught in the crossfire of Adam and Ross fighting in Emmerdale, then reveals she may be pregnant, star Isabel Hodgins explains


Victoria and Adam’s marriage has had to take a back seat with all the drama of Andy being framed, then Holly and James’s shock deaths. But when Victoria suspects she might be pregnant, they have to focus on each other, Emmerdale’s Isabel Hodgins tells Soaplife…

What is the state of their relationship right now?
“They’re very much in love. It’s just that Adam [Adam Thomas] been through a lot and he’s choosing to soldier on and not talk about it. He’s pushing Victoria out of the way a little bit and she’s struggling. However, they’re quite strong. It’s just that they’re dealing with things differently.”

What happens with Ross?
“Ross and Adam aren’t getting on and Ross has a chat with Victoria. She’s quite a nice person, so she’s trying to be a good listener. Ross [Michael Parr] being the nasty person that he is decides that making a pass at Victoria would be a good way of getting back at Adam. She’s horrified and she gives him a big slap.”

Will Ross tell Adam about it?
“Victoria storms off, then Ross shouts after her that she’d better tell Adam about it. She then has this inner struggle. It was nothing, but his half-brother has tried to kiss her. In the end, she confides in Finn [Joe Gill] and Adam overhears.”

And he explodes, right?
“He’s really angry. He and Ross have a fight and when Victoria tries to break it up she gets hurt and needs medical attention.”

What happens at the hospital?
“She reveals she thinks she may be pregnant. She must have suspected for a couple of weeks. But with everything going on, she’s pushed it to the back of her mind.”

How does she feel about the prospect of having a baby?
“Victoria’s scared. They’re quite young and they’ve never discussed children. It wouldn’t be ideal for them to have a baby right now but she would be a good mum and she starts to get her head around the idea.”

What does Adam think?
“He says he’ll support Victoria whatever. She then says to Finn that she’d like to have a baby, but she isn’t sure if it’s what Adam wants.”

Emmerdale, ITV