The Barton brother becomes an escort to try and rake in some much needed money....

The Bartons are struggling for cash and after being rejected for another loan, Finn’s worried about how they’re going to pay the rent.

Later, after having spoken to Ross, Finn, who’s feeling guilty about his huge financial splurge in Australia,  has a plan – he will become an escort! Talk about desperate measures!

Finn soon sets off  on his first date as an escort but has a serious wobble about the whole thing and ends up grabbing cash off the client and making a hasty run for it.

His livid date gives chase and tracks him down at Wylie’s Farm where he angrily demands his money back however Finn has an ace up his sleeve when he threatens to out the man’s secret dating escapades to his oblivious wife.

Ross catches up with Finn at the farm but trips on a cable and makes a shock discovery… a large scale cannabis enterprise!  Could this be the answer to all their financial problems?