Abi takes a day off work and heads to Lauren’s office to see her, suggesting they go out for lunch. When Lauren is dismissive and heads out with Max to photograph a property instead, Abi is annoyed. At the property, Lauren prepares to get started on the photos and is taken aback when Max goes off with the investor, wondering what’s going on.

Denise is determined to stop the Community Centre being shut and talks to Carmel about it. When Carmel refuses to get involved, Denise is frustrated. Later Denise approaches Carmel to help her with her application for the town hall job.

Jack is still struggling with the kids. When Honey steps in to help him out he realises that he needs more help.

Also, Fi suggests hiring some younger staff at the Vic to encourage a different crowd. Louise is too embarrassed to face Travis and relies on Bex to support her.