Amy is shocked to discover the man she met at the church is Nick Petrides – the doctor who made her father’s life a living nightmare. Amy’s connection with Nick leaves Paul livid and he accuses Nick of using his daughter to get to him. Paul’s words leave Amy upset, but will his reaction push Amy into the arms of Nick? Later, Leo loses his temper and orders Nick to stay away from Amy – but will Nick be able to do that?

Meanwhile, Fay arrives in Ramsay Street earlier than planned and tells her sons that their dad, Russell, has had a heart attack. Mark immediately wants to visit him, but Tyler isn’t ready to face his dad and Aaron is left caught in the middle between his brothers and wants to support both of them. Will Mark, Aaron and Tyler visit their dad in hospital?

Also, Sheila’s romance with Clive is going from strength to strength and things look particularly rosey when he invite her to a romantic weekend away. However, when Shelia receives some bad news, it puts the breaks on her blossoming relationship with Clive…