Ash desperately needs to get to the garage and with Kat at work, Marilyn steps in and looks after baby Luc. Ash tells Justin that Kat is taking more shifts to avoid helping with Luc, so Justin tells him to talk to her. Ash arrives home and is stunned to see that Marilyn has taught Kat how to bathe Luc. Kat seems to have turned over a new leaf with Luc, so will he still address their problems?

John lies to Jett about his progress in his therapy sessions. However, John isn’t a very good liar and Jett immediately catches him out. After a grilling from Jett, John decides to give therapy one more chance. John finally opens up to Dr Voss and admits he doesn’t remember anything before his father died at age 12. Has John finally gotten to the root of his problem?

Kat demands Brody comes down to the station and makes a formal statement about his involvement with Zannis. Will Brody’s statement end with an arrest or will Zannis get to him and punish him for talking to the cops?