The star power of Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe puts the acting muscle into director Ridley Scott’s complex, exciting and provocative thriller.

They’re both CIA men – DiCaprio is the best, most honourable US operative on the ground and Crowe the tubby, wily strategist supposedly looking after him at the other end of a secure phone line.

Crowe’s on the trail of an emerging world terrorist leader and assigns DiCaprio to Amman, Jordan. To catch the terrorist, DiCaprio must get the co-operation of the silkily creepy boss (Mark Strong) of the Jordanian General Intelligence Department for whom the truth counts most of all, while somehow also protecting his new love (Golshifteh Farahani).

The intricate plot’s a real gripper, you really do have to pay attention to all its twists and turns, and Scott orchestrates the amazing action with blazing flair while also making sure that it’s the human story that is most important.