It looks like Mum and ‘Grumpy’ flicking through a colouring book for Sarah, but this isn’t just a colouring book. It’s a present for Sarah from cowardly Cameron (who still hasn’t owned up to killing Carl) and Cain, while calm on the outside, is raging mad on the inside. The man’s going to give himself an ulcer! Or he’s going to give Cameron more than a thump.

Yes, after knocking Cameron out and dragging him into his garage, Cain has let Cameron live, but he can barely live with himself because of that. Charity tells Cain he’s gone soft. Zak tells Cain that Cameron’s not worth any aggro. Then there’s Debbie… She tells her dad she needs him at her side, not banged up. But Cain knows Cameron is purposely winding him up with gifts for Sarah… And Cain’s not known for keeping his temper.

Charity’s wound up, too. The haulage business she thought was just about hers isn’t. Her plans have gone horribly wrong because Carl left everything to Jimmy – and he’s decided that he’s not selling.

Even Turner’s wound up! Why – is someone sitting in his favourite seat in The Woolpack? No. Victoria and Adam made a lot of noise last night in the bedroom – and Turner heard them!