When Chrissie learns Lachlan’s been hurt yet again, she’s in bits. Convinced Cain is behind it, she gives in to his demands to hand over her share in the garage to make her son’s beatings stop. After signing her rights away, Chrissie is later stunned by a confession from her son…

Ronnie is horrified to learn Lawrence was in on the scam to frame Andy for Lachlan’s crime right from the start. Meanwhile, in jail, Lachlan is shown a way to escape. Will he do it?

Fed up with Finn moping about, Tracy sorts him out with an appointment at the hairdressers… with a difference. When a buff, bronzed bloke wanders in, will Finn notice him or is he too love-sick for Kasim?

Frank hopes he and Vanessa can start anew, and Charity plays hardball when Leyla approaches her about throwing a hen do in the pub.
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