In The Woolie, Cain sups with his dad. His ex-wife Moira is in hospital having been targeted and attacked by Emma Barton. It’s a toughie for Cain. He’s with Harriet now and the saga has already got in the way of their planned mini break. Will Moira’s situation have further impact on torn Cain? As bombshell news lands on the mechanic, what will happen next?

Gabby is spinning out. Feeling guilty about goading Emma, who went on to wreak havoc in the village, the teenager needs to escape. Hanging out with Liv, she goes round to Aaron’s flat and finds Gerry’s staying there. He offers them a slug of the booze he stole from the B&B and with that, Gabby decides she and Liv are bunking off school. Kerry overhears a conversation between Rishi and Lydia, and jumps to the wrong conclusion.