Callum and Sophie argue over who should be the rep for the School Social. When Zeke shows up, Sophie worries that Callum will tell him that she has a crush on Zeke. When Michael tells the pupils it’s up to them to decide who becomes rep, Sophie believes she will lose. Trying to distract herself, Libby throws herself into helping Sophie win.

When Sophie messes up her presentation for being rep, Libby loses her temper with Michael in front of the students, telling him she should have been allowed to help Sophie, but it’s obvious that Libby is actually thinking about helping Steph.

When Donna and Kate mind India for a day, Kate realises how much Declan is missing out on by being at work so much. When the girls take India to Lassiters to see her dad, he is too busy and loses his temper. Kate accuses him of turning into Paul, the man he despises. Left alone, watching as Donna and Kate play with his daughter, Declan has to ask himself if his job worth it?

Also, Karl and Susan continue to clash with Steph over her plan to lie in court to protect Steph and urge her to think about Ringo.

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