As a crowd gathers to stop Jude’s new development, Jude manages to get Cindy and Tony back on side just in time thanks to a big discount for them and the whole village. Jude shows Sally around a fake show home but, just as Sally is about to sign on the dotted line, the real owners return… Jude rushes Sally and gets the signature. Looks like her plan is working!

Meanwhile, as Adam reluctantly agrees to back up Maxine’s lie about the baby, Warren visits the hospital and discovers he is in fact the father! Warren warns Maxine that he WILL be involved in the baby’s life!

Cameron lies to his family that the body he went to identify was Lockie, so he’s furious when he finds out Nico and Peri were planning to visit the mortuary. And it seems Nico has a poisonous plan to get Peri out of the house without Cameron knowing…

Also, Neeta is moving on from Mac but is hit with a bombshell when Mac removes all the money from their joint account!