With Callum’s bad dreams continuing, Toadie asks Karl to give Callum some counselling. Sonya is reluctant, worried that the truth will come out sooner or later. Karl talks Callum through his dream and the woman he can see becomes clearer. Panicked, Sonya tries to throw Callum off the scent, by suggesting the woman in the dream might be her, and not his mum.

At Harold’s, Sophie notices how Mark looks at Kate and follows him out when he leaves, however, he tells her to leave it when she says he should be with Kate. Desperate to get them back together, Sophie enlists Jade help. At the garage, Lucas is confused when Jade asks about Mark and if he’s over Kate yet, and when he sees them in Charlie’s together, he becomes suspicious.

At home, Lucas tells Kate he thinks Jade was hitting on Mark, and although she plays it down, it’s clear it has bothered her. Kate arrives at the gym, where Jade and Mark are working out, and she accuses her of hitting on Mark. Despite Jade’s assurances, Kate doesn’t believe her but when Mark tells her nothing is going on, Kate feels foolish and apologies to Jade, but she’s not interested.

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