Tanya visits Cora and suggests they bake a cake for the wedding, wanting to spend some time with her mum. The ladies have great fun and Tanya pops out to buy a bottle of wine as a treat for their hard work. While Tanya is out, Cora lets in Ava, who has brought back Tanya’s purse. A stunned Cora clicks who Ava is by the horrified look on Tanya’s face.

Joey has agreed to spar in the ring for Ray’s youth boxing scheme launch. Joey schemes to encourage Alice to move back to their mum’s when Derek follows him into the locker room. When he comes out with a bloodied face, Alice is horrified, although Derek furiously denies that he punched Joey. Later, Derek sees Joey and Lauren kissing…

Poppy is anxious about an impending visit from her sister, Tansy, who is younger, engaged and a terrible boaster about how great her life is. Fatboy learns that Poppy has lied to Tansy that she runs her own salon and lives in a penthouse apartment! Fatboy dons a flash suit and pretends to be Poppy’s high-flying boyfriend, but Tansy isn’t convinced.