Craig calls at the police station and, after telling his Chief Inspector that he’d like to quit the force, heads out shooting daggers at Neil.

Sarah and Gary beg Mel to tell the police all she knows. Hoping to find some of Nathan’s other victims, Sarah and Gary call at the drop-in centre and are distracted by two girls arguing. Sarah’s taken aback to see that one of the girls is Shona.

Moira heads out to a meeting leaving Liz in charge of reception. As the queue of patients buckles and the phone continually rings, Liz struggles to keep her temper. How will battle-axe Moira react?

Gary’s taken aback when his old army friend Joe arrives on the street. Erica tells Dev they need to talk. Determined to make Aidan pay, Eva announces she’s booked some house viewings. David, Gail and Audrey visit Kylie’s grave.