Adam Baldwin steps out of a flash new car and strolls into the factory office. Outraged Johnny and Aidan order him to leave while Tracy’s impressed by Adam’s car as he drives her and Peter to visit Ken. However, Adam, Peter and Tracy are thwarted when Ken’s nurse insists he still doesn’t want to see them.

The trio burst into Ken’s room and are stunned to find a young man reading to Ken – it’s his son Daniel!

Seb challenges Faye to steal Phelan’s mobile in the cafe. Elsewhere. Eileen tackles Phelan about his secret plotting, and although rattled, Phelan manages to slip away when Tim interrupts. Phelan joins Eileen in the Rovers where Michael accuses him of hiding something in his rucksack. Can Phelan worm his way out of this one?

Kirk tearfully reveals to Aidan that Maria’s been charged with murder.

Sarah admits to Gail she’s seeing Gary and he knows the truth about the crash.