Tony returns to the village with Ste, Leah and Lucas and has a near miss when a car speeds through the street and nearly knocks them down. The driver is Leela but she doesn’t apologise, she just rushes off up the city steps. Diane is shocked when Danny Lomax makes a surprise announcement that he is Tegan’s dad and behind him his daughters, Leela and Peri approach their sister and new niece, all shell-shocked and unsure how to respond to this life-changing news.

Laden with fury over Maxine’s recent betrayal, Patrick wants to know the truth behind his girlfriend’s shocking decision. But Maxine is in pain after her procedure and a hurt Patrick now just wants to make her pay.

Patrick tells Sienna they’ll both look after Oscar for the day. Later, he finds an exhausted Maxine unconscious on the floor.

Phoebe answers the door at the student house to Vincent! However, George is shocked by Phoebe’s willingness to accept that Vincent has been ‘cured’ and is a changed man. It’s clear she is on Cloud Nine with him as her boyfriend.