As Mercedes takes matters in to her own hands, she decides to take Davies up on his sordid offer. Later, Phoebe spots Mercedes and Davies getting into a taxi together. She recognises the doctor from when she was in Deena and Graham’s ‘care’ and is scared for Mercedes. She watches on helplessly as they drive away.

At the hotel, Davies spots the red recording light of a video camera Mercedes has set up to blackmail him. He’s furious and traps her in the room. Browning bursts through the door, just in time, and punches his boss. He scoops Mercedes in his arms – her hero. Back at home, the romance of their triumph encompasses them and they decide to get married, straight away – Vegas here we come!

Tilly steps up to do the right thing and musters the courage to visit Esther, who forgives her for not standing up for her more, until she finds out Tilly was at The Folly that night too and left her.

However, Maxine’s unsettled by Mitzeee’s behavior and calls for reinforcements. Later, Mitzeee’s astounded when Carl turns up and asks her to go with him to America.

Also, a figure from Brendan’s past returns to haunt him.