Jim McGinn knows Dr. Browning’s to blame for Myra’s false diagnosis. Dr Browning puts crisis aversion in place and invites his boss round for dinner, but he needs Mercedes’ help. He also invites Carmel, knowing two gorgeous McQueens are sure to tickle his bosses fancy and suggests she bring a friend… cue Jim McGinn. At the end of an interesting evening, Davies watches Browning and Mercedes, knowing one day she’ll be his…

Esther’s in an induced coma. News spreads at college thanks to Ruby’s insensitivity and while Sinead panics that she’ll get the blame, Jen feels a sense of dread that she was the last person to see Esther and did nothing. Sinead and Ruby make a pact – they had nothing to do with it.

Jen and Tilly are wracked with guilt. As Esther fights for her life, the family nightmare rapidly descends from bad to worse when they find out that she will need an urgent Liver transplant or she will die.

Elsewhere, Jen is faced with another tricky moral dilemma.