Denise goes to hospital to be induced, with Patrick by her side. As she goes into labour, Kim makes a surprise appearance at the hospital. An overwhelmed Denise asks Kim and Patrick to be with her during the birth. Will Denise tell Kim the truth about the adoption? And will she go through with it?

Whitney and Lee give Mick a nice gift for his birthday. Although Mick is touched by the gesture, he gives it back to Lee, telling him to return it as they need the money. Later, Babe confronts Whitney and tells her that she’s no good for Lee and she’s ruined his life.

Bex is in a dilemma over what to do next with her education, wondering whether to go to college or stay at Sixth Form to do A Levels. Bex later admits to Stacey that she still has feelings for Shakil, but is then teased by a boy from school, Keegan…