Having caught Robert with Rebecca, Diane’s not impressed by her stepson. The family are meant to be at war with the Whites for framing Andy to take the rap for Lachlan who shot his grandpa Lawrence.

Realising she’s going to have to sort this out alone, Diane’s frustration with the messy scenario boils over to the point where she finds herself drawing a gun on Chrissie! As Diane takes aim, can Chrissie talk her way out of trouble?

Nicola’s already worried about her sister Bernice and her husband Jimmy, now their dad Rodney is getting suspicious about them, too. When Nicola returns home from her spa break she tells her sister, who’s living with her and her hubby, she wants her gone. But if nothing is going on with her brother-in-law Jimmy, why does snappy Bernice bite her dad’s head off when he brings it up?

Elsewhere, now having a right old ding-dong with the Sharmas, Kerry is getting it from all sides – Dan is far from impressed by her latest antics.