At the Woolpack, Megan, Vanessa are letting their hair down. They’re having a few drinks and a laugh, and they last thing they want is any interference. After an incident between Megan and Leyla, during which Megan accuses Leyla of having feelings for David, the women share an understanding moment before going on to have a good old night out. But as Megan and Vanessa pretend to be a couple to ward off unwanted interest, Frank arrives – and trouble follows…

Over at Mill Cottage, Aaron’s having a lads’ night in with Adam when his sister Liv arrives! He’s livid that she left her mum’s place and travelled back to Emmerdale alone, and she in turn is cross with her brother for not telling her about his split from Robert. Does she know about Rebecca and Robert’s pregnancy, too?

Daz saves the day at the salon by fixing a plumbing problem. But his attempt to solve an issue with the tanning machine doesn’t go so well. Just ask Kerry and Bernice, who end up getting Tango-ed!